Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Danielle Blouse - Completed

Fabric: Pure charm pack by Sweetwater for Moda & Moda Snow solid charm pack.
Binding: Pure yardage
Batting: Polyester
Quilting: Cross hatched by machine
Backing: Flannel
Size: 37" x 45" 

Very happy with how the Danielle blouse turned out.  My confidence in garment sewing is increasing in leaps and bound.

Matthew's Pure baby quilt is also completed.  Now destined for a wash.  And giving ... great joy indeed!


  1. With two finishes under your belt you should be feeling really good.


  2. Looking good Barbara. The quilt looks great, beautifully quilted and perfect for a little boy. You might make the social pages with all the lovely new clothing that you have been creating.