Sunday, October 31, 2010

Christmas Challenge Quilt - Completed

Christmas Star Block.  Block tutorial from Quilters' Cache by Marcia.  Size: 16" x 16".  Batting:  Polyester.  Quilting: Machine. Backing:  Calico.
Blouse in progress.  Looking at the JJ Blouse tutorial as a guide.
Underground Railroad doll quilt in progress
Pumpkin Rice for Sunday lunch


  1. It looks like you are staying busy and having some fun!!

  2. Anonymous5:51 am

    Your Christmas Challenge is nicely finished, your Underground Railway pieces look interesting, good to see you come up for air now and again to eat LOL.....Merilyn

  3. Your Christmas challenge quilt is gorgeous! I love the WIP doll quilt, too. Your lunch looks yummy. I can't find anything pumpkin here so I hoard the cans that I bring back from the US for Thanksgiving! ;)