Friday, January 19, 2007

One month and one day

I've been stitching Joan Elliot's Wedding Sampler from her book Sentiments and Sayings, almost every night for an hour plus since 16/12/2006. I finished it on 17/01/2007, just before midnight :)

Towards the end I was stitching till 2 am! But as Nik correctly puts it, it must be a labour of LOVE. And yes it was. It's a wedding gift for my sis. The date's not been fixed yet, so that's the only stitching I need to do once the date's been confirmed and before I send it off to the framers.

The colours are quite sweet and demure, and the backstitching was troublesome! The borders were rather monotonous and not too quick a stitch that I imagined it to be.

Wedding Sampler by Joan Elliot
Stitched on 28ct Jubilee with DMC threads
16/12/2006 - 17/01/2007

Note: Need to ask you good folks an opinion. Do you think my sis's name is a little to the right? Should I unpick and just shift it to the left by one square? Unpicking is not a problem, I want to this perfectly.

To another finish...ah yes I am already skipping :) The Thistle Motif, a quick stitch in fact, lovely mottled colours and little fancy basketweave stitching going there. That's destined for my scrap book cover :) Lock on right here for updates! :)

Thistle Motif by Martha Schmidt of Needlemaid (freebie).
Stitched on 32ct Vintage Belfast with DMC threads
8/01/2007 - 16/01/2007

And now I go back to my regularly scheduled program i.e. the Sara Hathorne Sampler. Can't wait, she's a beauty just waiting to be stitched.


  1. Congrats, BJ very, very lovely.
    Your sis' name is fine where it is.

  2. Wow, I like both. The colours are so soft and sweet. Your sis and future BIL will definitely cherish it.

    Hmm... sometimes its just an optical illusion that the names are not centered. As long as they are, you have nothing to worry but if they are not, start frogging!!!

  3. The wedding sampler is indeed very beautiful, such soft sweet colours!

    To my eyes, your sis' name is a bit to the right, only because you mentioned it and I had to look. Otherwise, everything else is just perfect. Both of them will love this, and love you for the thoughts and love that you have put into it.


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  5. Anonymous9:09 pm

    The wedding piece you did for your sister is just lovely. If you hadn't pointed out that your sis's name is a little to the right I would not have even noticed it.

  6. beautiful finishes!! The Wedding smapler is so pretty and the colors are wonderful. I think the names look perfect!!

  7. Barbara, both your finishes are gorgeous, just gorgeous. Congrats.

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