Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

2007 is here. Sure right what they say, time waits for no man (or woman). I have some resolutions that I'd want to see fulfilled in 2007. Not any earth shattering ones, just some "plain should have been done in 2006" ones :p

There's the weight issue. By golly, this is a real monster. I am only looking to lose 2 kg! How hard can that be?? The last stretch is always the hardest huh? OK that has to be settled this year, for pete's sake enough is enough. Randi use that whip! :)

As for the stitching front, I am looking at a slow down. I am so enamoured by the one project at a time thingy. I like the concept but I am struggling to achieve it. Try I must. This is how I see it, work on a main project (any size/craft) and other smalls are allowed like exchanges, the finishing SAL's that's lined up for the year at NNC, little gifts etc... That should make be terribly happy.

Here are a couple of finishes since Christmas.

I unpicked the Needlework Roll I did a couple of weeks back and swapped the flannel with a matching piece of cotton fabric. I thought it would be much nicer and so it is.

At NNC we're having the Boxy Lady Project and I've bought a lovely heart shaped tin that's perfect for the project. The stitching was easy. It's a freebie from a French designer of which I can't recall and I am using Anchor Variegated, but I must remember to use linen instead of aida the next time I try this. The aida was kinda stiff and it didn't 'wrap' too well. I will give the Boxy Lady Project another shot, I've got some more ideas brewing ;)

And at SNN there's the Tat-A-Long that Faizon has organised. The design is all her own and very versatile. I've finished tatting two of the corners after I took this photo, the pic of the soon to be finished doily will be for another time :)

Then there's my current WIP, the Wedding Sampler for my sis. It's going smoothly but have not stitched it for a few days now, because my sis was chilling in my room so darn often! Just note that the chart has some mistakes so be careful if you wanna stitch this piece by Joan Elliot.

Most of all I thank everyone that has dropped by and all that have commented. I do appreciate it and it surely makes my day. I hope I have helped somewhat with the simple toilet roll tutorial or the polymer clay tutorial. I have learnt so much in 2006, from blogging and people who blog especially craft related sites. So I say to my fellow Internet friends, good health and happiness always!


  1. Jess.4:20 pm

    Fab French bird - don't mind that fabric underneath either. Happy 2007.

  2. Anonymous2:14 am

    I love all your work. Especially the Needlework Roll, that is just lovely.

  3. Your finishes were lovely. Especially the Wedding sampler.

  4. Love all your finishes and your work! They are all great!

    Happy New Year

  5. Anonymous10:30 am

    This will be the year that we reach our goals and stay there.

    We're in this together!!!