Monday, January 08, 2007

Links wiped out

by moi :(

I was fiddling with the sidebar last night and I deleted it. Accidently I assure you. I'll get it slowly back up as I scour the blog world and steal their URLs. I'll build it up slowly and I might just add more then I started with ;)

My sincere apologies to all.


  1. Anonymous8:06 pm

    OOOOO, I did that too. Then decided it was time to change from blogrolling (which wasn't working) to Google Reader, which I love.

  2. It happens! I have deleted my entire blog before! LOL Good luck getting it all back soon!

  3. Aaah...! have done it, been there..LOL, BTW, the 9 patch is very unique, how big is it ? Yeah.. think you should lace it :D