Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Lacy Wall Hanger

I finally finished the wall/door hanger last night and have taken everyone's suggestion into consideration. Thank you so much for your opinions. I've gone with the suggestions to add lace, at the bottom and to add another row of lace. I've improvised (what's new!) the two rows of lace with a tiny strip of black ribbon. The lace reminds me of dresses from an era...Charleston anyone?

Nevermind my commentary here it is:

Beneath is yet another piece of faux pashmina that I bought from the Pasar Malam (night market) guy. Of course I got my usual discount...I am a charmer ;) This colour suits the motives I've been tatting for the 25 Motif Challenge more closely.

I've also started on yet another small, a freebie titled Thistle Motif by Martha Schmidt of Needlemaid It's gonna be for a cover of my scrap book or as Jess would say "inspirations" book. She's got a way with words that girl ;) I got tired of all the white for the Wedding Sampler, but I must try to finish it quite soon as I hear mumbles, something to the tune of 30th January...oh dear!

So I'm using my itsy bitsy hoop frame on my gigantic craft stand. Looks quite absurd huh?

And this is a close up of what the design looks like so far. Don't mind the stain, it's Vintage Belfast! :)

Comment Notes:

Lillie it's a 6" square. June and Faizon...what can I say...I've got to comply ;) Otherwise I'll be thrown out from the tatting group. Yeah Jess...call it 'craft combo' :D Radha, you can do it too, common just pick up that needle and thread. And to all a big thank you!


  1. Barbaa, your wall hanging is beautiful! I love the lacey bottom. Congrats on a great finish. The thistle freebi is very pretty too.

  2. Jess W.5:42 pm

    Luscious lace.
    It's official. I am so STALKING you!

  3. Anonymous9:22 pm

    I love the way your finished your wall hanging, it is gorgeous.

  4. Oh its gorgeous - you are very talented. Thankyou for leaving a comment on my blog, I have really enjoyed reading yours.

  5. The Wall hanger looks awesome! The lace at the bottom looks amazing. I love the new piece you are working on and can not wait to see it finished!!!

  6. So finally made it into a wall hanging and a pincushion no more eh? Its not only looking good but a fab. Just loved those tatted lace work including those in the background!

  7. Thank you for the link for the thistle design. I come from a Scottish background and have been wanting a nice thistle for a while now.