Sunday, January 07, 2007

French Redwork Exchange 2007

Azie has posted on the board that she has received her exchange yesterday. Am glad that she liked it. So I can now show them to you good people. A little about the FRE. It is very special exchange in many ways. The FRE is the inaugural exchange on NNC (a small, relatively new, lively group) and we had real good response. The exchanges are coming from far away places, i.e. Shanny in Switzerland and Jess in Australia. The other participants are within Malaysia. Not to mention it is my first ever exchange and certainly not my last. We've got the Valentine Stash Exchange (VSE) being finallised right this moment by Nik ;) and Pin Cushion Exchange (PCE) in the pipeline on NNC!

The organiser for the FRE was none other then Margaret Wong, a maestro in these things. She was so helpful with ideas and links to the French sites. Marvellous job indeed MW (how she is fondly known on NNC) :) Thank you!

Without further a do...


Back (Azie's initials )

Inside (contents not included :p)

This design was stitched on 32ct Antique White Linen with DMC thread, finished into a stitchers' case. It houses a pocket with a ribbon to hold on to the scissors, a felt piece for the needles and a long compartment for floss. The design and alphabets were from PCB .

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  1. Anonymous3:04 am

    I love these stitchers cases. You did a beautiful job.

  2. Barbara, that is a beautiful stitcher's case! Great job.

  3. Very neat work, Barbara. Azie must be so pleased with it.

  4. OOh! It came out so pretty. Glad she liked it and it got there safely. I have had a few exchanges get lost in the mail and had to resend them.