Monday, January 29, 2007

Amazing Faizon

Got a suprise from my postman just now. But when I saw who it was from and how the enveloped bulged, I thought Faizon sent me a ball of thread, sure looked and felt like it.

I was wrong, it's a crocheted pin cushion which will never see pins in it!! Just lovely and the sweetest blue. She said in her note "to add in your basket of smalls". Ah...such thoughtfulness, hard to come by, hard to come by. It's made by joining 6 granny squares to make a cube, at least that much I know about crochet. Maybe Faizon's trying to pull me into the world of crochet? As she's trying to tat her spell with Nik, who knows? ;)

Faizon also sent me her first publication on tatting, can you believe that?? And I had special mention on the preface...wowee! I am going to be famous!!

What can I say but a humble thank you. Thank you Faizon.


  1. That is so pretty! You are one lucky lady. Makes me want to try tatting. :o)

  2. I lurrrrrrrve that crocheted pin cushion, it's absolutely gorgeous! What a lovely surprise from your friend, Faizon!

    eileen :)

  3. Anonymous9:04 pm

    What a great pin cushion. Nice gift to receive.

  4. ITS SOOO... CUTE! The colour is so cool as well....

    Well done Faizon!