Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sewing Dilemna

 I was working on a test fabric for my Danielle blouse.  I cut it all up, marked the darts etc.  When I started sewing the stitches were so wacky.  I rethread but the stitches were still skipping and nesting etc.  So I tried sewing on good cotton and what do you know?  NO problemo.  I didn't know there were such bad local cotton :(  After all that time and effort ... sigh ...
So I took out my other GOOD cotton and promptly realised that I did not have enough fabric to make the Danielle or JJ Blouse (Burda Style freebie).  Because it required 55" width instead of 45" width.  I could sew another Patricia tunic but I wanted to try something different.  You know to improve my sewing skills and my reading and understanding of patterns :) So I am now using my 1.5M cut of white linen with 60" width for the JJ Blouse.  The Danielle couldn't fit and the JJ blouse just barely and that's even after I removed all the cut out for the ruffles.  No ruffles for me!  First I reduced the length of the blouse by 1" then when I was pinning I found I got a little more fabric left and then I added the 1" again.  It's almost all cut, need to mark them and sew as much as I can tonight before I go to shop to serge tomorrow.


  1. Where did you purchase the 'cheap' cotton? Usually I would purchase those that feels thick enough and soft.

  2. Good to see that you are not dissuaded from your initial goal and can scale any obstacle put in your way.