Sunday, September 12, 2010

Holiday Weekend

I boiled this gingko nuts, barley and beancurd drink on Friday.  This is my favourite especially with quail eggs :)
1800's Vintage quilt is all completed.  I used high loft poly batting, so happened I had an orphan piece and used it up instead of cutting into a large piece of  low loft poly or cotton.  I wanted to try machine quilting the Baptist Fan but that failed miserably due to my non-existent skill and those many many seams!  So instead I tie quilted it with cotton broder thread.  Tie quilting was fast and easy too!  It's 20-3/4" square.

With my new 6" square ruler I am now cutting up scraps a little at a time.  These are 1-1/2" squares.  Instead of bottles like how Heather is keeping her cut scraps, I'm using plastic containers.  I think I will label them according to fabric genre.  Thank you Heather for the inspiration.
Now that I've got my crafting deadlines all met, I'm reverting back to the Amish Star quilt.  Another 3 added.  A total of 6 out of 42 completed.


  1. Oooo - lovely project and great work! Watch out or you will be collecting even more little pieces in all sorts of sizes! Thanks for the 'plug' too! :o)

  2. Your tied quilt is so sweet!!
    Love the hst doll quilt in your last post too!!