Monday, September 13, 2010

Amish Star Quilt - WIP

I got the Kona Solid Roll-up all cut.  I made a cutting mistake with one strip.  I think I'll have to replace it with another colour, we'll see how that goes when the blocks are all done.

Chain piecing is so fantastic ... speeding along the construction of each stage of the blocks.
These are my fabric choices for Soot & Ashes QAL.  I like the fact that Cheri is working with small blocks.  Here's Lori's blocks to date.


  1. I think you will enjoy that QAL. I love making those small blocks and playing with the coloured fabric. Your vintage quilt looks gorgeous.

  2. Your Amish stor is going to be so graphich and stunning.
    Great repro fabric you have picked out for the soot & ashes quilt!! The little blocks are addictive!!