Monday, September 27, 2010

JJ Blouse - WIP

The collar is supposed to go right to the edge of the button placket.  I must have taken too much of a seam allowance that resulted to this. Oh well, this looks fine too!
Almost finished.  I need to top stitch the collar, add button holes and buttons. The arm hole needs to be serged and stitch the hem.  I like my hem hand stitched!  There are some flaws/inconsistencies in the stitching, my top stitching leaves a lot to be desired :( I need to put more effort to stitch neatly and accurately the next time. 
Now this is what I am most proud of, the sleeve cuffs.   Never would I have thought I could manage it.  It just takes some patience, understanding the instructions and much sweat!  See how I need to stitch more neatly?  Burda Style patterns are not the easiest to understand.But it was a free pattern so I can't complain :)

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  1. Why that blouse looks great! I'll bet the linen feels good on the skin too.