Friday, March 07, 2008

Perfection Received

Once in a while in we come across something that is just so beautiful that it borders on perfection. I have been so fortunate to have received from Jess (still blogless :p) such an item. I had to take pics of many angles of this perfect little swiss roll to show you what I truly mean.

It's a functional pincushion but you won't see me poking pins into this lovely :) Jess included the Madeira fabric by Blackbird Design for Moda that you see in the photos shoots. Jess and I share a rather similar good (ahem!) taste when it comes to what rocks! So she must have read my mind even when she lives on a different continent!

Jess was the organizer for the Cupcake Exchange over at NNC and one of the requisite was to send a recipe of a cake, cookie, muffin ... oh well you get the drift, food that's good for the soul but not for your hips :) So you'll soon see some Yorkshire Gingerbread on this very blog :)

Just one last pic before I go. This is my exchange item for Cupcake Exchange that I sent to Usha late February. It's a book cover and my first attempt at appliqué. Certainly won't be my last. Janet very graciously spared me some freezer paper for this technique. Very interesting :)

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