Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Last Hurrah!

It's a sad day when a good thing comes to an end. Jean the owner of Needle Little Love has closed her online business :( This is the last batch of stash that I bought from her which arrived yesterday. She was so kind to include a most lovely chart by Homespun Elegance titled 'Plant Kindness Harvest Love'. My thanks to thee.

On the topic of kindness and generosity, I have been on the receiving end of a couple of very kind acts by a stitcher known to me (I just don't know who) and a total stranger in February.

My secret valentine purchased the magnificent Permin Sampler 1826 Museum Celle chart through Jean for me. I am very thankful for her (I am sure she is a fellow woman stitcher) kind act. It's a rather huge piece with BIG motifs that never ends :) There is something so special about a giving gesture made in anonymity. Don't you agree? To whom ever you may be please know that I truly appreciate your kindness.

Here's how the piece looks like and this it's my minuscule dent to it:

Permin Sampler 1826 Museum Celle
Stitching on 32ct Flax Belfast with recommended DMC threads.

On my blog travels I came across a lady in Australia, some of you will know her as Mel :) selling some of her charts and when I contacted her about a particular chart that I've been craving for she said that she'll just give it to me and I was like huh? give? And give she did and now I am the proud owner of Butternut Road's Feathers & Friends. So you see, among all that is bad in this world there are some very precious gems.

Lizzie Kate's Friends & Family came back from the framers yesterday. I gave the finished piece to a friend of mine and she wanted it framed by my nearby framer. If you were with me from way back you'll recall the piece and how I made my own poinsettia button with polymer clay since I bought the chart used there was no button included. Sometimes I feel cross-stitched pieces are so perfect to be framed and admired :) Aaahhh...

So what's been going on, on my side of the shores I hear you ask? I have been dabbling with quilting since the end of last year, redwork embroidery and sewing. Cross-stitch continues to be my staple needlework. Since I have some time on my hands lately for blogging I will post pictures of my projects, finished and on-going and perhaps even a little commentary as and when I have something to brag write about :p

Dear readers you will notice that I've disabled the comment section. This blog is now morphed into a personal but public (an oxymoron there?) stitching journal of sorts. I do welcome your visits and if you see anything you like, feel free to take the ideas away and make them your own :) I probably copied it from somewhere myself anyway :p I will endeavour to provide links from the source as always.

I will however open up the comments sections when and if I post tutorials so that you good people can ask me questions :)

On the tutorial note. I will be writing a tutorial on finishing a cross stitch piece as a book cover over at Focus on Finishing on March 22nd & 23rd. I'll put a reminder here again later :) Do check out FoF as we've got many tutorials planned this March for you. There is Barbara CL's Bookmark scheduled for this weekend and Meari's Needlecase on 15th & 16th.

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