Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Work Cut Out


Am in the midst of making 400 pouches that will contain sweets and chocs for Wedding Favours. My sis's. She wanted funky coloured pouches. No themes, no fuss. Just heart made :)

We're tackling this mammoth task rather efficiently. The dinner will be on the 1st of May, so we're on schedule. What started as metres of fabric have been stripped and cut into lengths of pouches. The fabrics which are cottons made in China were bought from a very old shop near my home. They cost RM3/M. Since budgeting for these things are crucial and we don't have a whole lot of cash to throw around, our target was to spend not more than RM200 on the favours. So far we're in the blue :)

I did up a prototype but we decided to just go with a heart since it is an easier shape to cut as compared to flowers.

So I'll be mighty busy :)

Also please take note that my Book Cover tutorial will be published on Focus on Finishing this coming Saturday 22nd March. I've taken the step by step pictures and now to prepare the narration :)

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