Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Usha!

We are having a Birthday Exchange (somewhat like Becky's Stitching Bloggers Birthday Exchange) at NNC. It starts in 2008 . Names were drawn randomly and I happen to be the first one off the block :)

My partner is Usha. Usha is a fine crochetor and churns out doilies with ease :) I think she can even crochet blind-folded! :) I've been lucky enough to being a recipient of her lovely crocheted doilies. So I figured that I ought to select my items with crochet being the theme. Aren't I clever? :p

Here's the loot :) I remembered that Usha likes pastel colours and pink, lilac and baby blue being her favourite, so I tried to accommodate. The book is an old publication by Leisure Arts and Usha says she likes it :) The crochet needle case was from a tutorial I got from here. I omitted top stitching the sides because it was rather bulky as it is and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to machine straight.

Both the outer and inner fabrics were from Ikea where I raided the remnants bin :) Waste not want not! Lillie knows about the ball of Traditions thread, she was in the shop when I went looking for it. I was trying to ask her some questions without divulging my reasons and everyone knows I don't crochet. Faizon was rather curious too at one point :) Now you all know the reasons behind those questions :)

Here's wishing you all that is nice and a wonderful day with your loved ones tomorrow. Happy Birthday Usha! :)

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