Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cushion Cover for my Sis

I finished my sis's Persian tile piece into a cushion cover. I tried to emulate Shepherd Bush's pillow designs. As in their design the stitched pieces are not centralised. Not quite sure if I like that too much. Perhaps if the stitched piece was smaller it might work better.

I am using a 16" x 16" pillow insert, because I'd like a substantial border for the rather largish rectangular piece instead of a tiny strip ;)

Comment Notes: Thank you all for your kind comments. Appreciate it tremendously. Of course Karen and Su, you can 'steal' my idea. It wasn't mine to begin with :p

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spirit of Giving and a Competition!

The title was inspired by Radha a fellow NNC member ;)

I made two gifts to my dear friends at NNC. Both notified me that they've received my gift, so I can officially show them off now ;)

I made a pin-cushion for Nik in the bright colours that she likes so much. The shape of the pillow was inspired by Zohrah and the little patchwork going on there and the tassles were from Casa Mia! It was fun matching fabrics (the limited that I have). But I'd like to think it worked out well :) Am glad Nik liked it.

Designed by Aurelle (freebie)
Stiched on 28ct Lugana with DMC threads

Next, certainly not least is a pinkeep for June. Now June is into oriental stuff, her blog is testimony of it. She does chinese brush painting, can you beat that?? But she can be very French and English in taste at times too. So one cannot be really certain ;) Qualities of women I hear you say?? :D

Design from The Gift of Stitching Magazine
Stitch on 28ct Lugana with DMC variegated thread

Still in the spirit of giving and sharing :) I have issued a little COMPETITION!! at the store. This competition is for residents of Malaysia and Singapore only. If you qualify ;) please check it out here.

For my blogging friends in other parts of the world, perhaps your local Carrie's Thread distributor might like to issue a similar competition. I am sure Marc Davis of Needlemania and Diane Jourdan of Sampler Cove Designs will grant them permission to do so, like how they have so kindly granted to me. I am very grateful at their joint magnanimity.

Comment Note: As always, I am so grateful for your visits and your comments. Terima kasih! (Thank You)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Casa Mia in Down Under

Today Jess received the little pocket that I stitched for her, featuring a Casa Mia freebie. One of her favourite designers. Jess is solely responsible for introducing me to designs from Casa Mia. And when her boutique (Casa Mia) opened briefly a couple months ago, we oohed and ahhed together :)

Jess is more a beader than a stitcher. Her WIPs are beaded Peranakan shoes, a meticulous process of beading charlotte beads onto canvas. Think goldfish swimming in a pond of turquoise, think dragons in fiery orange and red, think peonies in pink and fushia. If she had a blog, I'd link you to her in a wink...

Stitching Angel
Designed by Casa Mia (freebie)
Stitched on Cashel with DMC 115

Comment Notes: To all that have left a comment about my Long Dong Sampler SAL and my sis's stitching, I thank you for your time. To all that have not, thank you for visiting. I am inspired to step it up on the Long Dog 18th century Sampler. Yeap the colours ARE bright, something not normally done for such old samplers, I gather.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Long Dog Sampler - Week 3

It's been 3 weeks since we started the Long Dong Sampler SAL at NNC. The weeks just seem to pass so fast. Here's my dismal progress. But there's a reason of course...isn't there always? ;)

Just that I've been distracted again with smalls and have been doing up a couple. Although I've still got to get them finish-finish. Smalls are really quite addictive and their fast to complete and there's endless ways of finishing them. With bigger pieces almost always they'll be destined for the framers :)

On another note, this is my sis's new project and she is doing really well and unlike us who suffer from startitis, she's quite dedicated and have not even looked at another design and wondering if she'd like to stitch that too. Of course I am not even near such discipline but I have been staying put in my wagon for a total of 5 months now! I've been doing up smalls from the loads and loads of wonderful freebies one can get on the internet!

So that's my weekend round-up. Looking forward to the Fair and Square Exchange and stitching for my partner, which we will be informed on the 1st of June. Also wondering if Lili has received the chart from Harmien and perhaps she's already taken out her turbo needles :) I've got to make that chart an absolute priority when it arrives. I made a pledge :)

Also I'll be making another order of Carrie's Thread on the 25th of May, please email me should you want me to get you some. Please visit my store.

Comment Notes: Sorry Itching To Stitch and Lene, I have to decline your tags. Don't subscribe to those tags much :) Hazel would you want to join in our Long Dog SAL. It's free and easy, no datelines etc... ;) We have Zohrah joining us from Singapore!

Thank you all for your comments, I do so appreciate them. Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Long Dog Sampler SAL and Fair and Square

It's been a week since I touched the 18th Century Long Dong Mystery Sampler featured in The Gift of Stitching magazine. More because I was busy finishing up the Wish List Exchange (WLE) of which I cannot show till my partner Usha receives it. The mail out date is a long way more so I've packed it up already for delivery. And then I finished a couple of smalls. So my SAL has 'suffered'. I hope to pick it up tonight.

Zohrah and Emily mentioned that they both made a boo-boo by mistakenly thinking that 522 = 580. The symbols were quite close. Poor things, I can imagine their frustration.

I embarked on Rose's gift (she knows one is coming to her ;) ) . Finished the stitching. I used Carrie's Thread Crimson and it's a beautiful shade of red. But unfortunately you won't see it in the pic :( So that's destined to be finished as a needlebook when I am in the finishing mood ;) The design is from the french book Bordures & Frises Fleuries by Valerie Lejune. My favourite book since Saturday, a book I will treasure, given to me by Margaret for my birthday. I've already stitched 2 designs from it!

Something interesting is happening in the blogging world. Two of the nicest ladies in the stitching blogs department Annemarie and Vonna are teaming up as moderators for The Friendship Square Exchange. The inaugural exchange will start on June 1st, so everyone that's keen please check out how it works here. This is a global exchange and everyone can participate, those who don't have blogs can piggy back on their friends who have. Margaret Wong (MY) decided to join so I've offered her my blog space. Jess (AU) if you're keen, come join the fun. I am here for ya!

Comment Notes: Thank you all for coming by and taking your time to comment. I appreciate it all and find so much inspiration in them. Hope you're having a good week so far!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Flatfold Notebook

I need to elaborate a little on Nik's gift I got yesterday.

We had a flatfold SAL on NNC which was slotted for the 1st quarter of 2007. Since Nik mentioned she finished hers but said it was a gift and hence she could not post any pics of it onto the Yahoo! Group Photo Album. So I left it at that. As the weeks past I reminded her to post a pic and she said something to the effect 'Oh, I forgot to mail it, I was so busy lately, I'll mail it tomorrow'. Again I left it at that.

But I was getting a lil' suspicious. Those who know Nik, know that she is NOT a tardy person and she's one heck of an organised creature. Okay we all know she's dead busy but yet she's never used that excuse before for her non-doings. So I wait :s

My intuition proved true, she made the flatfold cum notebook for me! Me! Really ingenious, combining a flatfold kinda finish with a notebook cover finish. She's attached this very thick notebook on the back piece of the flatfold. She's even glued a piece of ribbon as a bookmark!

So since pictures speaks volumes here goes:



I appreciate the details, your time and effort that you spent on this gift for me. Thank you so much Nik.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Thank you Rose, Nik & Margaret

Thank you for the birthday gifts, thank you for your efforts and most of all thank you for the company. The morning started wonderfully with brunch at Devi's. Where I received gifts over thosai and roti canai! :) I am happiest.

We adjourned for some ice-cream :) While Nik and Margaret 'rummaged' my stock of Carrie's Thread, Rose and me were busy browsing their lovely french books. Gosh the French designs are soooo classy and timeless.

And we did some civic duty too, amidst all the loud chatter :D Nik and Margaret went in search of a missing boy, Rose and I cared for her child in the stroller while their mum went to the information counter. The mom was clearly worried and she was quite pale, but she was controlled! No worries Nik and Margaret found the little boy sure enough at...Toys R Us!! So all's happy again.

Then Nik introduced us to her son after his art class. A handsome one Aiman is. I just know he's going to break some girls' hearts someday!

The three of us Rose, Margaret and myself proceeded to Quilt Gallery, where we did a little stashing ;)

Then Rose went home with her hubby and Margaret and me proceeded for some curry laksa lunch and more chatter :) Rose is right when us stitchers meet we NEVER stitch :D

I had a wonderful time. Thank you Rose, Nik & Margaret.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Thank you Jennifer Everitt

I received my birthday package just now from Jennifer a member of the Stitching Bloggers Birthday/Christmas Club. And I am thrilled to bits!! Jennifer stitched for me a lovely needlebook with my initial B, complete with needles, such a dear. And the charts and fabrics and thread heaven. I especially love French Lace by Debbie Draper Designs and was lurking around her site lately. Lovely, lovely! Thank you Jennifer.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My birthday gift

I got a letter from Macau yesterday and in it Jess packed a flattened hex- pincushion and a cutesy thread winder she bought during the craft show in Melbourne.

This is my guess on the chronology of events that must have taken place. First she stitched the pincushion before leaving for Macau, brought it with her and ensured that she mailed it from there so that it'll arrive in time for my birthday. Although it was a little late but thoughtfulness abounds.

I love the hex- pincushion (it's all stuffed now), you are right where it'll be heading :) And the thread winder...too cute!

Thank you dear Jess.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A finished finish

Since it's the FAL weekend, I finished the cherub into a spectacle case this afternoon. I wanted to make the opening a little rounded on the sides but found it kinda tricky. Maybe when I use linen it'll be more manageable. I lined the inside with red felt. It was a fairly easy finish.

Again my apologies, it's red and not fushia pink ;) I gotta read the manual again, to see if I can tweak this problem.

Comment Notes: Thank you all for dropping by and leaving such encouraging comments. Appreciate it much. Trust me Cheryl it's RED!! :D

Saturday, May 05, 2007

A jig and the PCE

This is Casa Mia's cherub (freebie) . Nice little fellow. Rather easy stitch. Pardon the picture, the fabric's actually Christmas Red. I thought I would bead this piece but on Davosa it was not a good idea as the fabric's kinda limp.

Casa Mia cherub (freebie)
Stitched with Carrie's thread (Polar Bear) on 18ct Davosa

Also today I received my PCE from Azie. That's my initial...BJ. Also included in the package is lilac piece of aida. Many thanks Azie.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

My sis stitching?

I dunno what came over her, out of the blues, she's browsing my books, xs-books that is. Asking me to kit it up and actually finishing a piece at record breaking time. A case of too much time on her hands? I should think so.

Persian tile
Design from the book Around the World in Cross Stitch by Jan Eaton

Stitched with DMC threads on 14ct cream aida

I'm gonna finish it into a cushion cover for her. Not too soon though.

And this is my first May target achieved. It feels good to be able to strike it off my list on the side bar :D

Design by Prarie Schooler (freebie)
Stitched with DMC threads on Confederate Grey Belfast, 2/2

Comment Notes: Thank you all for your comments! Cheryl & Zohrah, that's actually Christmas red, my silly camera has been acting up! I wish it was the Long Dog Mystery Sampler Vonna, but sadly it's only my miserable Sara Hathorne Sampler. You're right Margaret :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I've visited a number of blogs and find that stitchers have set goals and targets each month. As in life so is in stitching. I kinda like that approach and I want to subscribe to it. I sure need some discipline in my stitching! At least try :)

Let's start at the very beginning...a very good place to start (I hear you all sing!)

Target finishes for May:

1. Prarie Schooler, Birdhouse - Small - to complete

2. Casa Mia, cherub (freebie) - Small - to complete

3. LHN, Needleworker (freebie) - Small to Medium - to complete

4. Long Dog 18th Century Mystery Sampler - Big - WIP, started today.

5. Sara Hathorne Sampler - Big - WIP

6. Lilian Kok (freebie) - Small to Medium - WIP

Comment Notes: Thank you everyone for coming by and leaving such inspirational comments. I appreciate them so much.