Sunday, May 20, 2007

Long Dog Sampler - Week 3

It's been 3 weeks since we started the Long Dong Sampler SAL at NNC. The weeks just seem to pass so fast. Here's my dismal progress. But there's a reason of course...isn't there always? ;)

Just that I've been distracted again with smalls and have been doing up a couple. Although I've still got to get them finish-finish. Smalls are really quite addictive and their fast to complete and there's endless ways of finishing them. With bigger pieces almost always they'll be destined for the framers :)

On another note, this is my sis's new project and she is doing really well and unlike us who suffer from startitis, she's quite dedicated and have not even looked at another design and wondering if she'd like to stitch that too. Of course I am not even near such discipline but I have been staying put in my wagon for a total of 5 months now! I've been doing up smalls from the loads and loads of wonderful freebies one can get on the internet!

So that's my weekend round-up. Looking forward to the Fair and Square Exchange and stitching for my partner, which we will be informed on the 1st of June. Also wondering if Lili has received the chart from Harmien and perhaps she's already taken out her turbo needles :) I've got to make that chart an absolute priority when it arrives. I made a pledge :)

Also I'll be making another order of Carrie's Thread on the 25th of May, please email me should you want me to get you some. Please visit my store.

Comment Notes: Sorry Itching To Stitch and Lene, I have to decline your tags. Don't subscribe to those tags much :) Hazel would you want to join in our Long Dog SAL. It's free and easy, no datelines etc... ;) We have Zohrah joining us from Singapore!

Thank you all for your comments, I do so appreciate them. Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


  1. Your LDS progress looks wonderful to me, Barbara! And your sister is doing a smashing job! Good for her!!

  2. Your Long Dog looks so nice, just love those colors. Your sis is doing a great job ;)

  3. Your sampler is beautiful! I suffer from startitis (ive just been blogging about it actually) so all credit to your sis, her piece looks great

  4. OOOH, I am loving your progress on the LD Sampler. It is looking really great :)
    How nice to see a WIP from your sis :) It's looking good!

  5. Your LD sampler looks good! Your sister is very good and her piece is pretty. But, I have to change up!

  6. Jess.9:00 am

    I'm seeing one of my fave colour combos in both your WIPs. Not much beats pink and green.

  7. Very Pretty! I love the colors in both pieces.

  8. Your SAL is coming along nicely and
    loved the piece your sis is working

  9. Actually I think you have made great progress as this seems to be pretty stitch intense. Love the colours and have a sister that stitches too and hers is looking good :)

    Have a nice week Barbara!

  10. I had no idea the colours on this Mystery Sampler were so bright. I love it!
    Your sister is a wonder woman. I envy people without startitis. I want to be a finishitis-sufferer instead.
    I'm really looking forward to starting the Fair and Square exchange, too. Can't wait to find out who my first victim is going to be!