Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Long Dog Sampler SAL and Fair and Square

It's been a week since I touched the 18th Century Long Dong Mystery Sampler featured in The Gift of Stitching magazine. More because I was busy finishing up the Wish List Exchange (WLE) of which I cannot show till my partner Usha receives it. The mail out date is a long way more so I've packed it up already for delivery. And then I finished a couple of smalls. So my SAL has 'suffered'. I hope to pick it up tonight.

Zohrah and Emily mentioned that they both made a boo-boo by mistakenly thinking that 522 = 580. The symbols were quite close. Poor things, I can imagine their frustration.

I embarked on Rose's gift (she knows one is coming to her ;) ) . Finished the stitching. I used Carrie's Thread Crimson and it's a beautiful shade of red. But unfortunately you won't see it in the pic :( So that's destined to be finished as a needlebook when I am in the finishing mood ;) The design is from the french book Bordures & Frises Fleuries by Valerie Lejune. My favourite book since Saturday, a book I will treasure, given to me by Margaret for my birthday. I've already stitched 2 designs from it!

Something interesting is happening in the blogging world. Two of the nicest ladies in the stitching blogs department Annemarie and Vonna are teaming up as moderators for The Friendship Square Exchange. The inaugural exchange will start on June 1st, so everyone that's keen please check out how it works here. This is a global exchange and everyone can participate, those who don't have blogs can piggy back on their friends who have. Margaret Wong (MY) decided to join so I've offered her my blog space. Jess (AU) if you're keen, come join the fun. I am here for ya!

Comment Notes: Thank you all for coming by and taking your time to comment. I appreciate it all and find so much inspiration in them. Hope you're having a good week so far!


  1. I adore your long dog. the colours look great. I bought the back issues so I could do this one. xx

  2. You are a sweetheart Barbara :)
    Your LD sampler is looking fabulous and I love the other WIP you have going...
    Fair and Squares are going to be fun!

  3. Your sampler looks great and i love the gift you have stitched too!

  4. Beautiful stitching, Barbara! I love that red you used for Rose's gift. Gorgeous!

  5. The LD Sampler is off to a nice start, Barbara :) Lovely gift as well :)
    Have a nice day :)

  6. Aww, you're so sweet, Barbara.
    I love the projects featured here. I never knew reds were so difficult to photograph! But accurate colouring or not, the redwork is lovely!

  7. Jess.5:59 am

    Ooh, the LD is coming along so well.

  8. Both look so sweet esp the french floral pattern. The crimson red is awesome!

  9. Love your finish and especially love your Long Dog Sampler, those colors are so pretty. Read my blog, you've been tagged ;)

  10. Your sampler looks great and thanks for dropping my blog and left a lot of nice word.

    I've tagged you on my blog.

  11. Very nice. Looks like you have been keeping busy. :)

  12. The start of your sampler and the gift you stitched are very pretty Barbara.
    Like you I've joined Fair and Square and I'm looking forward to finding out who my partner is.
    Have a good weekend.

  13. Happy belated birthday! Sorry I missed all the posts about it! As for the wedding, we did think about two receptions, but we don't think we can afford it! LOL.

    Your sampler is coming along very nicely, superb! And the gift that you stitched looks great too, and I reckon the pic came out beautiful too.

    eileen :)

  14. monique9:16 pm

    Love your LD progress... the colors are great :)