Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I've visited a number of blogs and find that stitchers have set goals and targets each month. As in life so is in stitching. I kinda like that approach and I want to subscribe to it. I sure need some discipline in my stitching! At least try :)

Let's start at the very beginning...a very good place to start (I hear you all sing!)

Target finishes for May:

1. Prarie Schooler, Birdhouse - Small - to complete

2. Casa Mia, cherub (freebie) - Small - to complete

3. LHN, Needleworker (freebie) - Small to Medium - to complete

4. Long Dog 18th Century Mystery Sampler - Big - WIP, started today.

5. Sara Hathorne Sampler - Big - WIP

6. Lilian Kok (freebie) - Small to Medium - WIP

Comment Notes: Thank you everyone for coming by and leaving such inspirational comments. I appreciate them so much.


  1. Nice and looking good wips.

  2. Wow thats a lot of goals! I didnt meet my goals in March but met them all in April apart from the no new starts as I did the biscornu for Louanne!!! I do find it helps to make progress on things and discipline yourself a bit. Im going to write out mine today. xx

  3. Loved looking at your WIPS! Good luck with your goals. I love that pink fabric :)

  4. My GOODNESS...you did ALL THAT stitching just today on the Long Dog sampler? WHEW...I'm tired just looking at it!

  5. What a great bunch of WIPS! You can do it!!

  6. You have some great projects on the go :)

  7. Oh, what a pretty list! :)

  8. Wow, you've got a lot going on. I especially like your Long Dog. Hope you can keep up with your goals ;)

  9. Wow you do have a lot of goals. I haven't looked at my goals from April - guess I will have to tonight. It's been a long month. I love the WIPS.

  10. Great minds think alike - I reviewed & listed WIPs today too. This is the second month I've taken this approach & I like it.
    Love all the wonderful things you're working on Barbara. Like Vonna, at thought at first that you had stitched an incredible amount of your LDS today. Now I think that the picture must be the Sara Hawthorn Sampler. I hope I'm right because otherwise I don't know where you found the time.

  11. Lovely stitching but one thing really caught my eyes...the bright pink fabric. Beautiful neh.

    Where did you buy them?

  12. Barbara, thank you so much for visiting my blog! Why did it take me so long to discover yours??? I love your stitching! Your goals are quite something. Love the band sampler you just started!

  13. Oh, like Margaret and Vonna I thought at first that piccy was your LDMS... I was about ready to toss my needle in at that point!!! Phew! I told myself if Barbara stitched that much in a day, then either I need to find out where she buy's her magic needles or just go ahead and jump ship! LOL

    They are all gorgeous Barbara and you know we will be here cheering you on! ;-) Perhaps I should follow suit and set a few goals at the first of the month... Hmmmm If it's down in writing for all to see, then I will just have to get cracking!


  14. Rose Jonid6:32 pm

    Hi Bj

    Wondered what happened to ur Sara Hathorne sampler. I am glad to see that u r pursuing it again. Do post ur progress pics on this.I must say the design is coming out nicely.