Sunday, August 13, 2006

A little bit of soap...

Decided to change my table cloth of my corner desk, about time too :p Rearrange some stuff, cleared it up a bit and it looks so much more condusive for 'creative' work. This is the corner of my room where I work on my pieces, where I dream of what I want to stitch and accomplish, ponder if I have the fabric and relish as the pieces come together slowly...but surely.

I'm gonna finish the backstitch for the Teddy Sampler tonight and then I'll have only the border and Sean's name and date of birth to stitch. The teddy's looking quite apealing :)

I did some quick stitches in the morning and thought I'd stitch 2 Lizzie Kate designs for Christmas. They will be finished as pillows. I've replaced Rainbow Gallery's Wisper W88 with Anchor Perle No. 8. I think it looks decent. Note Santa's cuffs.