Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Some sewing

When I went through my small garment fabric collection I decided to sew a blouse that I've sewed before.  It's a free pattern at Burda called the JJ Blouse.  Since this time I have plenty of fabric I am going the whole 9 yds (no pun intended)!  I'm making some changes to the length of the blouse, the height of the stand collar and the sleeve cuffs.  Also I am adding a contrasting fabric.

I am trying to incorporate some couture sewing techniques to this blouse here and there and only where it is practical.  This blouse won't have lining or underlining but there's quite a lot of hand stitching that will go into it.  After reading Susan Khalje's book and enrolling in her The Couture Dress video lessons on Craftsy, I figure what best way  to familiarise myself with these techniques than actual WIP.  The pattern provided is Vogue 8648.  Although I am not a dress person I think I should at least have one in my wardrobe!

Above is a knit that Jess W gave me some time back.  I've not had the courage to cut into it up till now.  I think my 'skill' in sewing is growing and I may have developed a zen like patience these past years.  So I'll be taking baby steps. Not wanting to spend on a Basic Tee pattern, I actually had Sewholic's Renfrew Top in mind so I scoured Burda only to find a Basic Tee pattern called Lydia for a steal.  So this project is next.

 On Craftsy too there's a free BOM with Amy Gibson.  The 12" blocks were rather large so I'm scaling it down to 6" blocks and restricting my colour palette to blues and cheddar.  2 blocks a month for 10 months, should be pretty easy to tackle but Amy's BOM is utilising a different set of skill every month so that should push the envelope a little.

Half of my Amish Star quilt backing is on the left and all 6yds of backing for Just Takes 2 quilt on the right.  We've only done two sections of the quilt and I am buying backing?!  Must be going wacky!  I had to grab it because the colours were great and so was the price!

I keep forgetting to show this wall hanging that I made for Margaret and Jackie W in December last year.  It's for their new craft room.  It's such a delight to stitch this although I had to bear with a lot of pink!  Stitched with stem stitch and the border are Tilda fabrics.  It's a free pattern by Verna Mosquera called Sew Pink.

Here's some questions Lori is asking :)

What's your favorite movie and why?
Must be The Dead Poet's Society.  Words makes my soul soar?

What's been your best vacation ever?
Maybe to Bali.  Was my first real overseas vacation.

Do you go to a specialty store to buy your tennis shoes?

What's your best running/walking  tip?
Be conscious about your stride i.e heel toe, heel toe ...

What do you do to relax?
I stitch and have a cuppa.

As far as food, what is your splurge?
A piece of rich banana chocolate cake?

If you could have any career, what would it be?
An Architect.

Do you have any tattoos?
Nope and never will.  I just don't get it.

Would you ever hire someone to help clean your house?
Prefer to do it myself.  But I may if I am unable to or have difficulties with some major cleaning tasks.

Coffee? Or Tea?


  1. Your dressmaking skills continue to improve and become more sophisticated Barbara! I do remember the days when I really loved this aspect of sewing, making adjustments to patterns and adding different fabrics in the collars etc. Well done!!!
    Your new blue/cheddar project is looking interesting, you sure are doing a lot of different things lately!!!

  2. You are a good "planner" Barbara. You put a lot of thought and preparation into your work. That ensures good results. I like that little wall hanging with it's soft, colourful border. I look forward to seeing the new garments.

  3. you know i seen the craftsy quilt-a-long but it wasn't appealing to me . . . i think it's because i didn't envision it in reproduction fabrics. your resizing of the blocks down to six inches and the cheddars and blues color choices have transformed it into quite the temptation~!!~


  4. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Wow, thrilled to see my knit fab about to be made into a dress. Love the "Tilda" looking fabs around the stitchery.

  5. Busy! Busy woman!! Love cheddar and blue..anytime! What a fun sampler it will be.
    Backing for your red and white? I like a girl that thinks ahead! LOL

  6. You have some lovely but challenging projects going. I love the blue and cheddar quilt idea. Love the fabric for the dress.