Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Piecing and the Couture Dress

I've been piecing and sewing this past week or so.  No finishes in the horizon yet though.

Just Takes 2 - Part 3 is done.  I could learn to like paper piecing!

 Craftsy February blocks are done too.

On the right will be my backing for the non-existent Civil War quilt top :p  Fabric Shack's sale fabrics are perfect for backings IMHO.

Linen and cotton linen blends that I bought online from a local fabric store Kamdar.  They sent me white instead of black :(  There was some mix-up on the website and it should have occurred to me to highlight this to them.  But a pair of white linen shorts should be nice too.  The black linen on the left will be for my fashion fabric for the couture dress.

The muslin work has started and I have switched my pattern to Simplicity 1914.  Learning some very interesting couture concepts.

I've still got a little way to go with the JJ blouse.  I am very happy with the construction of this blouse so far pretty methodical and neat.  Doesn't pay to rush these things.  When you're flustered ... just stop!  Come back to it another day when you're in a better frame of mind.


  1. Nice work on the garment sewing! The blocks look great. I did paper piecing years ago, working on a pineapple quilt. It was a lot of fun--especially the precise results! ;)

  2. Love the cheddar in your Feb blocks!! Paper piecing sure brings accuracy, huh? Other than that, I'd prefer not to do it. I love linen clothing!!

  3. Glad you are enjoying foundation paper piecing Barbara! It does have it's benefits when it comes to accuracy with small pieces! All your blocks are looking really good! Good to see your dressmaking is coming along too! I'm so behind on everything lately, just catching up with blog reading too, I lost a couple of weeks while I was sick with that nasty chest infection, hope all is well with you!!

  4. You always have so many lovely projects on the go in different colours and combing different techniques. Your garments are looking very professional. Always a very enjoyable visit.

  5. I'm so in awe of your impeccable patchwork, everything lines up beautifully. Equally in awe of your neatly finished seams :)