Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More FMQ ...

I am still working on the FMQ with Leah Day and I think I am getting a hang of things.  Leah's quadrant concept is quite logical and it gives the randomness of stippling a direction of sorts.  From the front of a busy pieced quilt you can't tell that it was worked in rows but from a solid back it's only slightly easier to figure that out.
Christmas Quilt.  Designer: Cheri Payne

I completed Lori's QAL Pink Lemonade top.  I don't know when I'll get to quilting it as I want to zoom into some sewing, at least till end of February.  I don't usually work with such bright colours but I bet the antique quilt was once this bright too.
Pink Lemonade. Size:20" x 26 1/2"

Just Takes 2 - Jan 15th
The house block was a royal pain, but it'll have to do!

An old lap size quilt top that needs to get quilted.  This was one of my early largish quilts that I pieced.  I didn't know about the importance of stitch length then.  I had to hand stitch all the seams tight before quilting further on this baby ... sigh.  Straight line machine quilting for this.  This quilt will be for my aunt who is not well.

My sewing book finally came early this month.  Still reading it.  Wonderful techniques and finishes.  Since cotton and linen are my preferred fabrics to wear and work with, this book is right up my alley. 

I did not need to add to the crotch line length to the front pattern after all.  So I removed the slashes that I made previously.  
 I altered my pants block yesterday and even cut out a new piece of muslin for the front. A tedious task because I had to unpick the waistband, inseams, side seam and hems, fortunately I used basting stitches.  I suppose I could just as well cut out a new back piece but I thought I should be frugal with my muslin.

The pants fits well now and I have a basic pants block to refer to.  Next will be to learn how to draft a bodice and sleeve block pattern.


  1. Congratulations on your FMQ! Isn't Leah's site great.
    Love your Pink Lemonade, it's just right. You have all the blocks done for Just Takes 2 and I love the fabrics you put together in your quilt for your aunt.
    What a great start to the new year! Well done!

  2. I love that little Christmas quilt and your FMQ is looking great. I will have to come to you for some tips. As usual you have a lot of projects on the go and they are all looking very fine.

  3. Your machien quilting looks great and I cannot tell at all it is done in rows. Love your Pink Lemonade- when you get to it, it will quilt quickly:)
    I'm sure your Aunty will appreciate the quilt.

  4. Love your Pink Lemonade! I'm in two minds on how to quilt mine at the moment! You look as though you are getting more comfortable with the stippling, it takes a while to develop your own method of doing it. Well done, it's not easy when you are staring out!!!!
    Your Aunt's quilt has a lovely subtle look to it, I'm sure she will appreciate all the work you are putting into it!!

  5. Your quilt projects all look great! Your machine quilting looks wonderful. I was never very good at it on my old machine and have yet to try it on my "new" (almost 2 yrs old) machine! Great job on the pants, too.

  6. your pink lemonade is wonderful and i really like the christmas quilt too~!


  7. It has been so interesting paying everyone a visit that has made Pink Lemonade and seeing all the fabric and color choices that were made.

  8. Nice pink lemonade doll quilt. It was fun to see that cute little Christmas quilt with the green border. I like the variety in the blocks of that one. I'll have to see if I can find it on Cheri's blog. Well done on both little treasures.

  9. Barbara, your work is beautiful and i love your pink lemonade quilt, it's very punchy. i'm enjoying hand quilting mine. wasn't this a fun QAL :)) cheers, Marian

  10. Your FMQing looks fabulous! I love the bright colors of your pink lemonade. Will you quilt it by machine or hand? So much going on. I'm like that, too. Happy stitching!

  11. At first I was going to start out telling you I liked your Christmas quilt then the more I looked at all of your other quilts I must tell you that I like them all. They all look fabulous. Great job!