Monday, January 09, 2012

It Just Takes 2 ...

... well not really.  I have been using a variety of reds with Kona Natural for the Just Takes 2 first installment.  6 blocks altogether.  I find it easier to manage this QAL rather than the CW blocks mostly because of fabric selection. 
Block 01
Block 02
Block 03 with Redwork (DMC304, 3 strands, Backstitch and interfaced)
Block 04
Block 05
Block 06
I worked on Lori's Pink Lemonade too.

And the Crosses Mourning Quilt.

I have only completed 4 blocks of the Temecula 12 Days of Christmas blocks ... yeah ... pathetic!


  1. Lovely, Barbara! The blocks all look great--and you know I love your taste in fabrics!

  2. not pathetic at all~!!!~just look at all the things you're getting done~!
    i'm also enjoying the pink lemonade quilt-a-long. i think it's going to be a pretty one and it's already been a lot of fun to work up the first six blocks.


  3. Your red/white quilt blocks are awesome Barbara!!! Love your appliqued hearts especially, so neatly done!!!!
    I love your Pink Lemonade too, I have been working on the second installment this afternoon! I have all of Kathy's books, but do you think I can find the 'Prairie...' one, not on your nelly!!!! I have searched high and low, even did some tidying up, but it will not show itself, so I had to order another copy, now isn't that the silliest thing!!!!
    I would like to do the Mourning quilt, but will now have to wait till my second copy arrives, but you know the first one may just jump out in front of me before it gets here LOL!!!!! always the way!!!!
    I have posted my 12 quilt on the flickr group that Donna
    has set up. Here is the address:
    It is nice to see how others have interpreted it with their different fabrics. It might also give you the wiggle-along you need to finish the rest of your little blocks!!!LOL

  4. Lots of lovely work to look at in this post Barbara. The red and whites look fabulous together. I am only doing 4 blocks for my mourning quilt. Not sure if I will be able to keep up the pace of one little quilt per month.
    I don't think that "pathetic" is appropriate, just have a look back on everything that you have achieved.
    Yep, totally inappropriate description.

  5. That's not pathetic! You've been busy all around!!! Your red and white blocks are fabulous!!!

  6. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Beaut stitchery, flawless applique.

  7. All your blocks look great, very nice work!