Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sewing and stitching

I got some garment sewing down and I have plans to work on the online sewing classes.  I've got to get some pattern drafting done too.

 This is a top by New Look 6356.  The fabric is a white cotton/linen blend.  I employed the tips I learnt from my classes.  I intend to make this again maybe in a different view a square or V neckline.  I will make a few changes namely widen the facing, and lengthen the sleeves.

  I've added some running stitches around the neckline, sleeves, hemline and vents.  It's 3 strands of DMC321.  Love that red.  Christmas must be around the corner!

 Then another pair of shorts for my dad.  The pattern is Burda Andre.  Fabric is dark blue cotton twill.  I've added 2 seam pockets and a back pocket.

 LHN's Quilt Time Sampler in progress.  Stitching on 32ct Cream Belfast with chartered DMC threads.  It's very rare that I start on a project the moment I received the chart and even rarer still if I complete it!  So we'll have to see what happens :)


  1. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Wow, the red running stitch really makes that white blouse.

  2. You look to have been distracted by garment sewing at the moment. Doesn't really matter does it , as long as there is some type of sewing going on! That red running stitch on the blouse is a lovely finish.

  3. Wow! finally catching up on my blog reading! You are doing really well with your dressmaking, love the red stitching too, a nice touch!! As always your x-stitch is just awesome!!! I just can't seem to get around to starting my project at all......I always seem to get distracted and trying to tidy up some UFO's.

  4. Lovely stitching! The garment sewing you are working on looks great, too--that red running stitch really adds some nice zing to the top!

  5. Lovely stitching on your LHN piece. Nice work on all those garments.

  6. the running stitch that you've added is perfect.
    i've been considering adding some stitching to some of my tops and seeing yours is so inspiring.
    it really doesn't have to be a lot of difficult stitching to make a wonderful statement~!
    of course, i've not made my own tops since high school so i'd be adding to an already finished garment . . .
    maybe i should look for some patterns that i like . . .

    you make it look so easy and beautiful; you really have got me thinking~!