Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lillie's Birthday!

It was Lillie's birthday yesterday.  She said she had a fabulous day!  I stitched for her Blackbird Design's Souvenir de France (freebie) for the needlekeep.  It was stitched on 36ct coffee dyed white linen with 2 strands of Zarina's overdyed embroidery floss Aubrielle.  I went for a similar construction as the needle keep that my swap partner Mary C sent to me.

In keeping with the Paris theme I added the Kelmscott Paris needle minder and a mini charm pack by French General called Pom Pom de Paris.   And here's the whole package.

I am working on the Jacob's Ladder blocks.  Slowly but surely ...  Please don't mind the colour grouping.  I just cut and piece up some blues or red at a time and pin it on the wall.  They'll be moved around when I finalise the quilt top.  I am not sure how far I'll go with this but at this juncture it's twin sized i.e. about 140 blocks!  If you know me the quilt top may shrink to a crib size!

Some stitchery on the side lines :)

Christmas freebie by Gail Pan found here
 And then there's some joyful stashing :D

Fabrics from This-N-That
Rotating rotary mat is a genius invention!
Some lovely cross stitch charts ... be still my beating heart ...


  1. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Lovely selection for Lillie, and that IS some easpecially attractive stashing.

  2. Your gift for Lillie is beautiful and so thoughtful. Love the theme, one of my favourite cities in the world. The jacob's ladder blocks are coming along nicely, just keep moving along and you'll be there before you know it.
    Can't have enough stash, just have to remember what you have!

  3. That is a beautiful piece of stitching using my HDT. Do you mind if I load the picture (first) into my HDT Flickr page?

  4. What a wonderful gift for Lillie! What a neat theme to put together for her. I just love that Pom Pom de Paris. Add in Kelmscott and BBD and wow--love love love! Beautiful quilt blocks and embroidery, too!

  5. Your needle keep is just a wonderful work of art Barbara!!!!
    Love your Jacob's Ladder blocks too, looking great. It's always good adding to your stash!!!

  6. I'm sure Lillie was thrilled with her gift. It is beautiful!!

    Fun purchases and that online store has great prices.

    Love your stitcheries. The stacked animals is adorable!!

  7. Fabulous needle keeper and Paris theme BD pressies! Love the Jacob's ladder blocks -you are so good at colour combinations!! Cute barnyard animals - you have been busy!

  8. Thank you so much for the wonderful pressie. Appreciate that so much thoughts has been put into the package :D :D :D and a delivered on the actual day too.