Sunday, October 23, 2011

Christmas State of Mind

 A free stitchery sampler by Red Brolly.  Had a wonderful time stitching this sampler.  The muslin was divine to work with.  I did not use a stabilizer as the muslin was thick enough.  The muslin is from Bird Brain Designs. And the small pieces are Kona Snow solid, these were interfaced.  It'll be finished into a small wall hanging.

I completed the cross stitch piece last Christmas.  Christmas Eve Flight is a free design by The Sampler Girl.  With a couple of red and green fabrics from Judie Rothermel's Colonial Christmas for Marcus Brothers, I intend to sew it into a cushion cover.  Maybe even a quilted one.

LHN's Quilt Time Sampler, going really well.  If I am not quilting, I am stitching about quilting! Ha!

And it was about time I caught up with some of the Civil War blocks by Barbara Brackman.  You will notice that I've skipped all those tricky and applique blocks, the last thing I need are some crazy calculations!

#31 Empty Spools

#32 Carolina Lily

#42 H is for Hospital

#38 Ohio Star

#36 Kentucky Crossroads

#39 Hovering Hawks

#35 Star of the West

#29 Railroad Crossing
 I have done 35 blocks out of 43 (including yesterday's issue).  I may look into my previous blocks and re-do them.  Some I am not too happy with the piecing precision and some the colours just don't go right together.  We'll see when all the blocks are issued and decide then.  Here are my blocks together on Flickr.


  1. Oh, so much lovely inspirations and such wonderful projects! I love your Christmas embroidery piece, it really turned out cute!

  2. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Lots of intersting stuff goin on.

  3. Very neat blocks with points to points!!


  4. I just love your cross-stitch and stitcheries, just gorgeous work!!! I saw your blocks on flickr, you have done so well to catch up, they are looking good Barbara!!!!

  5. Your blocks are so precise.....

    Great work.

    Thanks for the link to the Red Brolly.

    Another project for my Want To Do list.

  6. Your stitcheries never fail to impress me, always done with lots of TLC.
    I don't think that you should worry about the blocks. Once they fit together and are quilted they will all become one big happy family.
    Of course if you really, really can't live with one of them then the sacrifice has to be made.

  7. Thanks so much for this inspiring post!! Love it all!! The fabrics you use in your blocks are great! Happy stitching, hugs, Daniëlle

  8. Beautiful blocks, BJ! I love your Christmas stitching, too--both the stitching and the embroidery! I want to do more Halloween/autumnal stitching but I'm itching to jump into the holidays. Did you see that Becky Bee (Becky Bee's Stitching Hive) is doing an ornament blog SAL for November & December? Don't know if you do many ornaments but just thought I'd mention it. I have a bunch to do so hope this might be the kick in the tush for me. Love the LHN, too--very cute.

  9. Love your free stitching and nice Christmas stitching. All those quilt blocks are so pretty.

  10. Well done on your Christmas embroidery piece! All your projects looked lovely and fabulous! The blouse looked great too.