Thursday, October 27, 2011

Walk in the Woods

 Yesterday was Deepavali and it's a holiday here.  I walked to the Forest Reserve Institute near my home.  It was bustling with activities of joggers, walkers and cyclists.  I think I'll walk there on Saturdays next time instead of public holidays ... less people and vehicles.  I stayed on the main roads but when I get stronger with my walking I'll take on some trekking.

Many years back I took tennis lessons here
And here's where I trashed out all my aggression on the squash courts! :)
It was a nice day albeit tiring, rediscovering the reserve again. 

Size: 12-1/2" x 13" with 1" finished squares
Simple 4-patch block quilt top.  It was a challenge on SQT.  I have wanted to work with some blues and browns and this was the perfect quilt.

4-1/2" unfinished Cake Stand / Basket block
This too is another challenge on SQT.  Red & White or any 2 colour challenge.  I did not take up this cake stand block challenge some time back so I'm now killing two birds with one stone :)

 I couldn't help not starting another stitchery design.  This time it is Aneela Hoey's Little Apples (freebie).  Love Aneela's illustrations, I may just get some of her other designs from her Etsy shop.  With stitching all 6 strands of floss, it sure is a different experience and I quite like the beady looking effect of it.  Now the filling of her jacket will be a task, with 6 strands my threads run out FAST!

 And here's a start on a small doily.  Faizon's blog is my go to blog for free tatting patterns. A generous soul indeed.  The pattern is Merriment doily.  I am tatting this with Zarina's hand dyed Hakelgarn tatting thread sized 20 Aubrielle.  Faizon will know that I'm not into 2 shuttle tatting so I am employing her tip of using the SLT (shoe lace trick) instead.


  1. I just love your tatting piece!!! It is something I always wanted to learn but never did, it seemed like a natural progression after crochet!!! Your little scrappy challenge quilt is quite darling too!!!! Lovely scenery Barbara!!!

  2. Wow tatting, I can't keep up with you. I am just slowly easing into stitcheries. Your little four patch turned out very, very nicely and the red and white is always a winner.
    Be careful in the woods, remember little Red Riding Hood?

  3. I really love your tatting, the thread is such a lovely colour. It's been a long time since I have done some tatting, perhaps it's time to bring it out again.

  4. That looks like a beautiful place to walk!

    Love your small quilts. You have been busy stitching up a storm!

  5. Am sure you had a great day. Its been ages since I went there. Must take the kids there one day! Loved your tat piece. Didn't know you tat.One day must show me how to tat..LOL

  6. I so admire your beautiful stitchings. The little red and white blocks especially. Thanks for sharing the scenery - always good to get out for a walk.

  7. Tatting is such fun but it does take a long time to finish something....

    Glad you enjoyed your walk. Lem and I have been going for a walk most afternoons around the block. We will be doing more walking after we move because the block is bigger.

    You are making some lovely things. I look forward to more sewing in the near future.

  8. i love the look of tatting and have wanted to learn for the longest time . . .
    what a beautiful piece this one is and the thread is GORGEOUS~!!~