Tuesday, August 02, 2011

About Crows

Designer: Primitive Bettys (Freebie)
When I was working on the applique portion of the bow-tie quilt, I was using a piece of felt to poke my needle and applique pins.  For someone who does needlework, it's a shame :)

So I looked for simple pin cushion patterns and loved those by Betty Dekat.  She's a generous soul with so many lovely freebies.

Her most recent freebie is Sunflowers & Crows.  It was stitched with DMC 928, 3011, 3820 and 782.  As for Crow it's stitched with DMC 3371.  The linen is 35ct Fagales by HDF.  I really love the pairing of these 2 designs, quite primitive I must say.  I will weigh it with crushed walnut shells and finish it with a blanket stitch variation all around using Anchor's coton a broder thread.  One for my stitching table and one for my sewing table!
 I've completed the 20 star blocks and the 12, 9 patch setting squares.  So now it's a matter of sewing up the sashing and the blocks together.  It's gonna be a good lap quilt size and I'm quite pleased that it is nearing completion. This has taken a while.

The layout will 4 by 5 blocks.

I'll leave you with an Irish folk tune!  This tune is recorded earlier before the lessons got to be more technical.  Learning very important ornamentations in Irish tin whistle playing ... it's tough ...


  1. Your stitched crows are very nice!! I wish my eyes would allow me to do cross stitch.
    Love your stars quilt! It will be a top in no time.

  2. Star of County Down... great job! I love the song by Van Morrison, too.

    Your stitched crows look great! I need to do a bunch of crow designs--I love them. I am working on a Plum Street one now--Nevermore.

    Your stars quilt is gorgeous--as always. :)

  3. Enjoyed your little tune Barbara!!! Are we to expect future tunes? I hope so! It is a lovely addition to your blog!!!
    Your cross-stitch is just gorgeous as always, and yes I do need a kick in the backside as I have not started mine yet!!! Your star quilt is going to be just lovely, love the colourway you have used too, very calming!!!

  4. Love stars in any shape or form and combined with 9 patches, just perfect. Your crows look good and will keep you company at whichever table you choose.
    Enjoying the music.

  5. Anonymous9:56 pm

    You chose your floss colours so well.
    JessW. ( blog-stalking today! )

  6. bravo~!!~love the irish tune and loved hearing you play. i so admire anyone who has musical abilities as i seem to have none.
    just think, you can learn some more and play your own music on your blog while we all absorb your beautiful stitcheries ~!!~ lol

    the crow patterns are really cute and seeing them makes me want to do some cross stitching. can't wait to see your finished pin cushion~!~