Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My new Sewing Machine - Brother Innovis 50

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 It came yesterday morning.  Although the old machine is fairly new i.e. 3 1/2 years old I figured it's about time I got a computerised sewing machine.  I wanted some features that my old Singer Inspiration 4205 was not capable of.  After all it's a basic model without bells and whistles.

And since I'm doing so much sewing, I thought I'd make it more enjoyable.  And I was looking for some features like needle down, speed slider, drop feed dogs, etc.  I narrowed it down to 2 sewing machines.  The other was the Singer 988 Computermatic.  Frankly, I 'm quite partial to Singer since their pretty old hands when it comes to sewing machines.  But this model just did not feel right.

For one, there was hardly any write-up / reviews of this model on the internet.  Singer USA does not carry this model.  Although I am aware that certain models are only available regionally, the Singer 988 is nowhere in Singapore or Thailand either.  It's only available here in Malaysia!  I emailed the Singer regional manager in Singapore and he in turn passed the buck to the local sales manager.  It's been 7 days and no return email from either of them.  In fact a Singer dealer recommended another lower priced model when I enquired about the Singer 988.  She said the Singer 988 had some inherent problems.  Something is seriously wrong

Nevertheless, I tested the machine in a Singer shop nearby.  To their credit the sales people were quite obliging and knowledgeable.  They even opened a new box to demo the machine to me. It had all the feature of the Brother Innovis 50 (Innovis 80 for you people in the USA) and then some.  It had a throat space of 7 1/2"  which is wonderful. But after trying it out the upper thread tension was out of whack even when adjusted. 

I decided on the Brother sewing machine without testing it.  I read up on the reviews, website, forums, videos and made my decision based on that and of course the price being lower than the Singer 988 surely helped.  I've been playing with it and it's really looking good.  I want to explore the FMQ capabilities of the machine. The throat space of this model is 6 1/2", still better than my old one.  It has a built-in 1/4" feature for seams when piecing.  I had a good discount even with the extension table from a reputable dealer JP Doshi.  The service was good and the delivery prompt.

 Friendship Stars blocks still a work in progress.  Piecing these blocks were a breeze with the new machine :)

The Cheddar Bow-Tie quilt top is completed.  Love it to bits. It's 12 1/2" x 18 1/2". And it goes into the 'to be hand quilted' basket!


  1. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Welcome to the Brother Club. Loving those bow ties.

  2. Great purchase Barbara. I know that when I bought my Bernina, my sewing improved considerably with all the features and different feet. FMQ needs a lot of practice but a good machine is a must.
    I love my Bernina, it has allowed me to do things that I never thought possible. I hope you have a similar relationship with your new machine. Loving those stars and bowties. Wonderful start.

  3. Yahoo! Congrats on the new machine. It sounds like you made a wise decision not to purchase the Singer.
    Love your star blocks and the mini bow tie!! Nice work!

  4. Lovely machine Barbara, being happy with it makes all the difference! I love my old machines, but when it comes to some special sewing techniques you can have a lot of fun with the new stuff!
    You're a bit like me when I want to purchase something new, I do all the research and yes I've been known to talk to the odd Manager or two as well LOL!!!
    The friendship star blocks are beautiful and I love your bowtie quilt!!! You have been sewing up a storm thereLOL!!

  5. Thanks for the detailed report on the machines. This sure comes handy. Been contemplating of getting a new sewing machine ;P

  6. Congratulations on the new machine! I have heard wonderful things about Brother machines--hope yours works out great for you.

    The friendship stars are wonderful! I love love love the cheddar bowtie quilt, too.

  7. been looking for singer 988 machine.. couldn't really find it either till now, even in a forum one girl posted bout having a problem with it's stitches, n the seller couldn't resolve it either even with the manual given... think i'm gonna stay with my very 1st choice nv 50 as i'm new in sewing. so how's ur machine goes?

  8. Anonymous6:32 am

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