Monday, August 22, 2011

Quilting a plenty

The quilts pin basted.  I used a hera marker to mark the quilting lines for the red and white quilt.
The binding all sewn together.  I am using a single layer binding.
Designer: Cheri Payne (freebie)

 I finally tried free motion quilting.  It was really scary but interesting at the same time.  The stitches are not perfect and their some jagged edges too if you look closely.  But I hope with practice the meanders will truly meander :)

Designer: Ann Hermes
I used the same colour scheme in the magazine instead of those in the instructions.  Straight line machine quilting in the form of a chevron.

Broken dishes block, straight line machine quilted.

The X-Quisite blocks quilt and Little Star blocks quilt (both are challenges on SQT) are all hand quilted and now for the binding.

It looks like I'm trying to clear all the WIP quilt tops that I have before I embark on a new one.  I've not done any piecing for some days now :p  But I think I need to pull out some fabric for some test Jacob Ladder blocks as done by Lucy.  

Peahen's Valentine. Designer: Appleseed Prim (freebie)
Tutorial for zipper bag found here.
  It's Margaret W's birthday today.  She messaged me to say she has opened her package.  It's a needlecase similar to the one I made for a swap recently but in semi-prim fabric Beach House by Blackbird Designs.  The zipper bag was easy to tackle but the bulk caused by the fusible batting was a concern.  I think I shall use regular interface the next time.  I made another zipper bag for Jackie W too.  Quite fun really!

The curtain is finally up but I think I need to swap the panels, too much red side by side.  A little busy if I may say so but I hope to get used to it.

I'll leave you with some tin whistle music.  Still working on Silver Spear :(  This is a basic The Foggy Dew but I hope to learn the ornaments and incorporate it into this lovely melody.


  1. Anonymous1:55 pm

    No one has this many FO's! I love the curtains, very French. Was just having a quick peek, now off before eyes get worse, bleh.

  2. I love all your little quilts, but that blue and white one is really really nice :)

  3. My goodness Barbara! you have been busy! Your first foray into free-motion meandering isn't too bad for a first attempt, you will get more comfortable with it as time goes on! says she who quivers each time I start to do some myself LOL!!! I love your SQT challenge quilts, the handquilting is just beautiful, they have a definite charm!! I also love the little Broken Dishes one as well. Another lovely needlecase Barbara!!! Some lovely work in this post!!!!

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  5. I accidently clicked the key twice and ended up with a repeat comment, sorry 'bout that!!!

  6. Oh, I love The Foggy Dew!!

    Your quilts are all wonderful--you have been so busy! Love the curtains and the presents for Margaret, too.

  7. Oh my goodness, you have been busy. I love every one of them! Good job on trying to machine quilt. Once you get started it is a lot of fun.

  8. You are getting a lovely collection of small quilts. My favourites are your stars and the red and white broken dishes. I like the way you incorporate the stitchery on the needlecase. Keep practicing the machine quilting, it will get easier and more even. It is very forgiving from a distance. Lovely projects, all of them.

  9. oh my~!~stacks and stacks of wonderful little quilts~!!~
    be still my heart.