Sunday, June 03, 2007

June Goals

Review time!

Perhaps I was too ambitious with my first time out making goals. So June's goals gonna be more practical ;)

  • Complete Birdhouse - Prarie Schooler (freebie) **Completed on 03/05/2007**
  • Complete Cherub - Casa Mia (freebie) **Completed on 05/05/2007**
  • Complete Needleworker - LHN (freebie) **Worked just a little still very unfinished**
  • Work on Long Dog 18th Century Mystery Sampler SAL **2 bands completed**
  • Work on Sara Hathorne Sampler **Untouched**
  • Work on Lilian Kok's design (freebie) **Untouched**
  • Complete Wish List Exchange for Usha **Completed on 11/05/2007**
June's Goals

  • Work on Long Dog 18th Century Mystery Sampler SAL (into 2nd month)
  • Complete Fair and Square Exchange
  • Thread Winder finish for NNC Quarterly SAL
  • Tat some motives for the 25 motif Challenge, I need 6 more!


  1. Hi Barbara - it looks to me like you've gotten a lot done!! Great job!

  2. I reckon you still did well with May's goals! I'm sure you will do great in June :)

  3. Your Mystery Sampler looks gorgeous!!

  4. Ha ha ... that is why I don't set myself any goals :D

    But 5 out of 7 completed is certainly not bad at all. Well done! You'll do better on your June targets.


  5. Zohrah4:53 pm

    Wah so fast....I'm still at band 1.