Sunday, June 17, 2007

Green Fest at my backyard

Well, not exactly :) It's at FRIM (Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia). I live really close and took a walk there this morning to enjoy the festivities. It's in conjuction with World Environment Day co-sponsored by STAR a local daily and FRIM.

Please pardon the pictures, their are not too good, their better adapted for craft stuff ;)

Walk towards the main area

Kids from International College of Music doing their thing!

The market area (imagine the magenta... red :p)

Hand made crafts by the aboriginal people.

It wasn't too hot, in fact it was cloudy and it just might rain later. It was interesting talking to people about river care, kompost gardening and a very enthusiastic student from the music college! And I even suggested to a FRIM staff to print postcards and sell them at their bookstore. What better way to promote the world class work that FRIM is undertaking.


  1. BJ

    R u trying to get us to guess behind which tree u are hiding?....LOL
    Hey the the aborigines r good at making crafts. THere are some nice ones which we give as gifts to our overseas friends!

  2. Hey BJ! Sorry that I could not make it to FRIM. Looks like loads of fun!

  3. Great display of hand made crafts - nice photography :)