Saturday, June 30, 2007

July Goals & A Beautiful Exchange

I got my Wish List Exchange from Usha. Usha's recovering very well. She crocheted 2 doilies for me when she needed to only crochet one. It's so lovely. Thank you Usha.

It's July tomorrow and it's time for some reviews of June's goals. Where did half a year go?? :s

Goals in June
  • Work on Long Dog 18th Century Mystery Sampler SAL (into 2nd month) - slow
  • Fair and Square Exchange - (09/06/2007)
  • Thread Winder - (10/06/2007)
  • Tat some motives for the 25 motif Challenge, I need 6 more! - Yes I tated 3 1/2 motives
To add:
  • Scissor fob gift
  • Bourse gift
  • Waxing Moon's 'My Needle and My Floss'
A good month really but at the expense of the LDSAL, I'm afraid.

July's Goals
  • Work on Long Dog 18th Century Mystery Sampler SAL (into 3rd month)
  • Complete ABC Birds
  • Cushion Cover Exchange motif not less than 50 x 50
July should be a fairly easy month. I'll give the LDSAL the attention it deserves.

New stocks of Carrie's Threads have arrived, please check here for quantity and colours available at my tiny store :)


  1. What beautiful doilies. I can't believe someone can actually crochet those ;)

  2. Usha's crocheted doilies are gorgeous - they look like lace!

  3. Gorgeous doilies!

  4. When I see all the lovely things you've been stitching - fob, bourse, sisterhood etc I realize how long it's been since I visited my friends. You do such beautiful work Barbara.
    Usha's crocheted doilies are so pretty and remind me of the lovely work my mother & MIL used to do.

  5. That doily is very pretty. What a great surprise that you got two instead of one.

  6. Very pretty doilies! =)

  7. Best of luck with your July goals!

  8. Lovely and very delicate looking doilies from Usha.

  9. Oh, my... The Doilies are lovely, Barbara! And two of them! How lucky you are. I used to crochet doilies about 25 yrs ago but when I started stitching I stopped... and now I don't even remember how as I never followed a pattern... I'll have to find someone to show me again!

    Good luck with your July goals... :-)