Saturday, August 04, 2012

The month that was ...

So many not too happy things have been going on lately.  I treasure my precious time spent sewing ... my escape from life's harsh realities?  It will all boil over ... in time.  I have lived long enough to know at least that!

I bought a plain XXL sized jersey from the Reject Shop so as to give the Alabama Chanin T-Shirt construction method a try.  I had to redraft the T-Shirt pattern to make it wider at the waist area ... ahem ...
The fit turned out well.  I could only manage a sleeveless T-Shirt because there was not enough fabric to cut the sleeve.  I added a stay tape at the shoulder seams although it was not mentioned in the book.  During my short stint in sewing knits, I have learnt that stay tape is necessary to strengthen the shoulder seam..

I am not using the recommended button craft thread but a Coats & Clarke quilting thread instead.  I've used cretan stitch for the arm holes and neck line and regular running stitch for the side seams.  I think overall it turned out pretty well.

 Completed a shirt for my dad.  This shirt does not have a collar stand. It fits him well but he needs to where it often and give me his comments.


The Danielle Dress (Burda) for my sis.  Cotton / Linen blend shell fabric with cotton voile lining.  The cotton voile has a nice soft feel to it but as these fabrics go it was difficult to sew with.  I need to explore other types of lining fabric to see what works.

I get a kick with details, the bias tape hem is now my staple hemming method for the shell fabric.  It gives just a touch of satin luxury.  Hand sewing the lining to the zipper needed meticulous stitching.  The complain from the previous dress that I made was the lining was getting stuck to the zipper.  So this time round it's nicely spaced away.

Halter top dress, but it needs major changes to shorten the length of elastic under the bust and the back.  Will make the alterations when I get back the dress from my sis.  Incorporated some pretty lace for the lining skirt and as usual bias binding tape for the hem.

 I am doing some cross stitch during the nights while catching up on the Olympics.  I have progressed more than the picture above but I am just not bothered to take another pic :p  It's a lovely piece by Little House Needleworks.  Diane has so generously given this chart away so that we stitchers donate to UNICEF directly for the famine relief works in Africa.  I've even bought a frame for this piece.  Talk about being optimistic!


  1. I was wonderfing what you've been up to! Your sewing some wonderful clothing!!
    How did that doll turn out?

  2. All those wonderful techniques I remember so well from my dressmaking days, so nice to be reminded of them, and to see they are working out so well for you - you are doing such a beautiful job with your dressmaking Barbara, bravo!!!! Lovely cross-stitch as always, take care my friend, as the saying goes, 'this too shall pass'..........

  3. Anonymous11:30 am

    Those dresses are spectacular. *Deep breath,* it'll pass.

  4. Hang in there Barbara, keep yourself busy. You have learnt so much about garment construction and the results are wonderful.

  5. i'm quite fascinated by the alabama channin style. i may have to consider purchasing a book for a more in depth look.

    i hope that you are well and your happiness has returned.