Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quilting begins

It's a long weekend here due the the Eid al-Fitr holidays.  So I got off my butt and thread basted Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilt.  I use my sewing table to baste and was standing all the time with many breaks.  Pretty tiring.  I am using flannel for the batting.  I basted from the top to the bottom.  Ensuring the layers stay flat as I go.  My fingers are a little sore now :(

The quilting starts from the centre out.  Outline quilting it with Perle Cotton No. 8 using big stitch. My plan is to quilt one block a week.  Still unsure how I'll quilt the sashing. 

I made an A-Line skirt and a blouse for my sis.  Will wait for her fitting before I proceed with more sewing.

I've tied up the remnant garment fabrics.  Some are enough to make a sleeveless blouse.  Maybe I could use them as trims in the future.

And lastly my progress of LHN's Love Your Neighbour.


  1. Wow! You got it all basted! It's going to be a fun one to quilt.
    Love the outfit for your sis!

  2. Yea! Well done Barbara. Love that you are hand quilting, can't wait to see your progress :0) Love Your Neighbour cross stitch is delightful.

  3. Well done on getting that basting finished. Not one of my favourite jobs but necessary.
    Now, quilting, that's one of my favourites. I hope you enjoy the quilting. You will have a very beautiful quilt.

  4. Your CW quilt looks awesome Barbara, now that I see a bit of a close-up, and the fact you are going to handquilt this baby is just amazing to me!!! I know you will do a great job!!! Your dressmaking skills are very handy to your family I can see that! As always I love your cross-stitch work!!

  5. What a beautiful looking quilt!