Saturday, July 07, 2012

Civil War Quilt Top Completed!

Blocks designer:  Barbara Brackman  Size: 76" x 87"
Woo hoo!   I've been working hard on piecing my Civil War quilt blocks and finally I have the top done.  I used only 42 blocks out of the 52 offered by Barbara Brackman.  The pic is not so great as the porch blocked the evening sun.  The inner cream sashing is 1/2" finished and the outer black sashing 1-1/2" finished.  The border is 5" wide.  It's huge for my puny sewing machine to quilt so I suppose I'll most likely hand quilt it, and that will take even more time.

  Completed the small quilt by Jo Morton.  It's a freebie on APQ.  Love all the variety of reds and shirtings.

The Quilt Sampler.  Designer:  Little House Needleworks  Floss: DMC as charted.  Linen: 32ct Cream Belfast.
 I came across frames with 50% discount at Parkson supermarket and I thought it would be a nice size for the Quilt Sampler.  Unfortunately the glass is reflective.  Most of my other framed cross stitch pieces use non-reflective glass, then again they were framed by professional framers.  Nevertheless I still do like framing some in these store bought frames especially for small pieces.  I did not use glue but instead lace the back with thread as tightly as I can.  This method also provides room for some shifting.

Shaker doll 13-1/2" tall
In between working on the Civil War blocks I've been fooling around with doll making.  I tried out this Shaker doll by Miriam Gourley, just to gain some courage before trying out Gail Wilson's doll.  I like how her nose was shaped.  I use muslin and stuffed her with polyester filling.  The stuffing fork that I got from Gail is an excellent stuffing tool.  The instructions that were given in Miriam's book were quite basic and minimal, on the other hand Gail's can be overwhelming.  Gail says that way she ensures her dolls are made successfully.    

A folder to organize the doll templates
The Feed Sack doll is coming along.  There were umpteen steps to follow before the stuffing stage and more after.  I'll have to work on her step by step and I expect it to be an interesting journey.

Here's a start to some hexagons for Kathleen Tracy's October Small Quilt Challenge.  I used 100gm weight paper to print the hexagons.  I quite like EPP and it can be quite relaxing.  So I've ordered a small pack of 1" hexagons from Paper Pieces.  They are having a free shipping promotion.  An EPP hexagon quilt in the future perhaps? :)

 I finally got my strips organized for the progress of the Jacob's Ladder blocks.  I've been cutting strips as I go and just setting them aside.  So now their all organized for eventual piecing.  I've also been thinking of starting some 3" (finished) 9 patches blocks.  Maybe as a leaders and enders project.  And just build up the blocks slowly.


  1. Your Civil War Quilt is absolutely and totally a masterpiece! Congrats!!!

  2. Congratulations on getting your CW quilt top completed, it is quite awesome, I love how you set the blocks too, beautifully done!!!! You have been a busy girl with all your projects, the little Jo Morton one is so very sweet!! So you've decided to dive in and get the Gail Wilson doll underway, good for you!!!! I'm sure it'll turn out wonderfully!!!! Another lovely post Barbara!!!

  3. Anonymous10:28 am

    Wow @ the CivWar quilt. V impressive size - plenty of handquilting there to keep you busy. Make that busier!

  4. Love your quilts!! I'm going to set my birthday blocks just likes yours but on point.
    I can't wait to see how the doll turns out. Maybe if you like how it turns out you can sell me one! Or we can swap. :)

  5. Always a treat to visit your blog, Barbara! The CW quilt top is beautiful! I especially like how you bordered each block with cream.

  6. Love your tiny hexies. I am addicted to them and am making all of my friends craft bags using them as birthday presents this year.

  7. Congrads BJ on completiong of your CW. Loved both quilt colors. That is all I know about quilting..LOL. The doll is looking good.Can't wait till its dressed.

  8. Congrads BJ on completiong of your CW. Loved both quilt colors. That is all I know about quilting..LOL. The doll is looking good.Can't wait till its dressed.

  9. I hope you are pleased with your Civil War Blocks, they look wonderful. Does the weather get cold enough for you to snuggle up under beautiful quilts?
    Red and Jo Morton, great combination. I think your doll looks great, she has a better figure that I do. Can you make me a new body please?

  10. Hi BJ! Love your CW quilt. I started it but did not want to make such large blocks. I am really hooked on doll quilts at the moment although I am quilting a large one. :-)

    Love the JM little quilt. It says summer with all the red too. Makes me think of strawberries. The stitching is great and just what all we quilters need.

    Hugs from Holland ~