Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Good weeks

I had my birthday earlier this month and the gifts I've received are absolutely precious!  My dear friends know me too well.

A lovely prim pin cushion from Jess.  It's a freebie design by Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm.  The pattern is available here.  Very nice sentiment indeed.

And here's the the whole shebang! Just gorgeous wools from her trip back home, specially selected for my Anni Down's pin cushion.  A very nice squirrel pattern by the The Quilted Crow too.  And how can I forget those CW fabrics!

Next up is a heart pin cushion by Ewe & Eye & Friends.  Gorgeously stitched and finished by Lillie.  Love all those buttons!

And the complete loot.  I've coveted that box ever since Diane (Lillie's talented daughter) bought one for her mom. It's left unfinished just so I can put my creative juices to work!

 A cartonnage book from Margaret W.  She says it's one craft realm that I have not fully immersed myself in.  Like I need another! LOL!!  Ready made box templates, fabric and cross stitch pattern by BOAF completes the goodies.

Something old and something new Merilyn says.  Love the Old Fashioned Calicoes by Barbara Brackman and the print scale is so dainty.  The stitchery owl by Gail Pan is quite handsome ... a must stitch.

Thank you all for the wonderful gifts I've received.  I so appreciate your generosity and time.

For Jess W's birthday end of last month I made her a wall hanging Ohio Star block.  I think big stitch Baptist Fan quilting design is my new favourite!

Requisite Reds

Shirtings and lights

Mediums and darks

Plaids and stripes
From This-N-That and Fabric Shack.  Fabrics all washed and folded destined for it's respective bin.  The plaids and stripes are for my future Jan Patek's  Lincoln's Platform!

I did some fun sewing of a chicken.  It's now with Chloe in Switzerland.  A free pattern from Red Brolly.  I was to complete it by Easter but you know how it is ...  In this picture I've not added her eyes yet, that is a pin to indicate the eye's position.  She turned out rather biggish so I intend to make another smaller version for myself.

4 pairs of Andre Shorts by Burda.  2 for my sis and 2 for me.

Sorbetto Top by Colette Patterns (freebie) with details of store bought piping
Some sewing for home wear.  Sometimes I like the change of sewing for simple home garments.  Seam finishes can be left with simple overcasting and hems plainly top stitched.

Tolie for New Look 6069

Self made piping with store bought satin bias tape

Piping details

Lining and lace for the hem

A dress for my sis.  The toile was sewn and some adjustments to the paper pattern was made.  And then the fashion fabric is cut.  Since this is a whole different type of sewing it requires a step by step construction.  The fit is important for the bodice.  The cotton fabric is thin (hard to work with) and frays like crazy.  Since the lining is silk satin I think it's gonna be another challenge. But I like the piping details that I am adding for the top and bottom of the midriff pieces.

Grey blouse Burda 8368

Sorbetto by Colette Patterns
Hem details with bias binding tape

Detail of self fabric bias binding.  Cut extra large
There was supposed to be a gathering with my class mates this Friday but unfortunately it has been postponed.  I made the above garments for the dinner.  I think the sleeve of the grey blouse is too long.  I may shorten it.  Also it's rather big since the pattern is supposed to be loose fitting.  But I think I will want to make another similar blouse one size down. 

Hemming with a bias binding is so classy.  I like the look and it finishes very neatly.  Even the Sorbetto top was hemmed with satin bias binding tape.

A couple of Japanese cotton fabrics from Fah Num known for it's infamous pricing.  But I zoom in to those with 50% discounts!  It'll be a challenge with matching the plaids but I am sure it will be interesting.  The blue is for another dress and Spanish white cotton (not in pic) is drying on the clothesline now.

These books were the reason I had to go to town.  Somehow they needed to be collected from the General Post Office.  They were from Better World Books an Abebooks dealer.  I think I will delve into making a simple cloth doll before tackling the Gail Wilson's ultimate dolls.

As always, thank you for dropping by.


  1. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Wow, lots of good stuff going on here. Can't believe you are making your own piping, lol.

  2. Ok, Did I know it was your birthday? What fun gifts from your friends!!
    You amaze me with all your diverse and beautiful sewing and crafting!

  3. Belated birthday wishes Barbara. So sorry I missed it. I am so tied up with work at the moment that I am missing my blogging and sewing.
    Your gifts are lovely and well deserved. Your garments are looking very professional. You have learnt a lot over a short period of time. Keep up the good work with all those lovely new fabrics.

  4. i agree, the clothing that you are making is clearly of great quality~!!~very nice work with such wonderful finishing touches. i'm impressed~!

    i'm also sending belated birthday wishes your way. it looks like you received some delightful gifts.

    i have the book "Great Little Quilts" and it's one of my favorites. i think you'll like it too.


  5. Oh my goodness!! You must need to let your sewing machine take breaks here and there so that it doesn't overhead. Everything looks wonderful--beautiful garments! I love the chicken and the Ohio Star quilt, too. Very nice! I want to try some perle cotton quilting but am afraid that I'll tire of it. I need to start off small, I suppose. Beautiful gifts for your birthday--very belated happy birthday wishes to you!

  6. I have gone over to get the chicken pattern too. Thank you.