Monday, April 23, 2012

A little bit of everything

I suppose I may be spreading myself too thin sometimes.  But as they say 'variety' is the spice of life!  It keeps those grey cells churning :)

Blessing Baskets Quilt Top.  Designer: Temecula Quilt Co. (freebie)  Size: 17" square
 I am trying out utility stitching on the April Challenge Quilt by Kathleen Tracy.  There was some discussion in the group about using utility stitches to quilt these doll quilts.  Crow Footing / Fly Stitch, Mennonite Tack etc were discussed.  I found a blog post here that gives some simple explanation of these stitches.  Also another member of the group was explaining how she uses the cheapest flannel she can find as batting for her quilts.  So I gave that a try too.  Cheap flannels imported from China can be got easily here in KL.

Close-up of Crow Footing / Fly Stitch
I used Perle Cotton No. 8 in DMC 414.  These big stitch concept sure is my cup of tea, since it quilts pretty fast.  I finished quilting this quilt in one sitting. Although the quilting on flannel doesn't give the puffed up look that we love, it sure wins on drapability!  I use the hera marker to mark my grids.  I can't eyeball for nuts.

I just got one block done out of two for the Craftsy April BOM.  I may make another but I will wait for the other blocks to complete to see how the quilt is arranged.

I managed to squeeze another knit blouse from the left over fabrics.  This time I used Loretti 5922.  I did make a few changes of increasing the side seams, lengthening the torso and sleeves to 3/4 sleeves.  No facing were used for the neckline.  This fitted me better and I can see myself improving on the pattern some more.

A couple of nighties.  Easy peasy ;)

I also purchased a couple of cotton applique from this Etsy dealer.  Some grosgrain ribbon for waist stay or maybe for trimmings.
I am almost finishing the Quilt Sampler by LHN.  I enjoyed stitching on it again.  I was listening to Uncle Tom's Cabin while stitching.  BTW a very thought provoking piece of literature. I cried, I got angry, I got disgusted ... phew ...  I am now slowly catching up on reading these classics. I have never appreciated books in my school days or in my youth.  Reading was a drag ... what more classical literature!

 I made this tofu dish for lunch yesterday.  Easy and tasty.  You can get the recipe here.

 That's a wrap for now.  Thank you all for coming by my humble cyber abode.


  1. You have really been busy Barbara.... I can't seem to keep up with all that you do... My small quilts are on the back burner till I get other things done here. Maybe by next year I will be all settled in and able to sew more.

    I still need to dive in and make that dress I bought the fabric for last year. Now to find where it is packed....

  2. wow, ypu have been busy! Wheredo you find the time. I like the hexagon on the cheddar background. and the none patch and the basket quilt...ok, i like everything!

  3. I love your baskets Barbara. I really like this little pattern and your fabric choices suit it beautifully. The big stitch quilting is an interesting option. Would you do it again?
    Well done with the garments and we finish with some food. Just perfect.

  4. You are jumping around on a lot of projects but I think it keeps it so much more fun and interesting!!
    It is all wonderful Barbara!!

  5. Lovely post Barbara! The Crow's Foot stitch turned out well, and I do love those baskets, what a lovely piece that is!!! Good to see you are still dressmaking and of course your cross-stitch is exquisite as always, beautiful work!!!!

  6. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Hi from KLIA. Hope to do something woolly with you soon.

  7. your baskets quilt top is very nice and it's interesting to see the crow's footing as a utility method. i've never tried it but have wondered about it. i'm curious too; would you use this again?
    i like the idea of a thin cotton flannel as batting within a doll quilt but like you, really enjoy seeing the loft that batting creates . . . i have noticed that many old doll quilts didn't include batting at all or it was very thin. i think over time it may have actually worn thin if the doll quilt was played with much so the flannel certainly makes sense if one is trying to replicate an antique and/or used dolly quilt.

    love the cheddar and blues in your hexie block~!
    what a rich color combo. i'm going to have to do that one in a project one of these days . . .

    the food shot makes me hungry. i think it's time to fix myself some breakfast.


  8. You are a busy bee as always. You are alway dangerous to visit as now I love the basket quilt freebie. Oh! I did a class with that same utility stitch to finish it. I miss KTs challenges. I hope to be starting another of her American Dolls quilt club patterns one day soon.

    Thanks for the wishes on my blog. I am still not well but hoping it passes soon. I am finally trying to visit a few old friend's blogs this week. It is nice to catch up with you a little.

    Hugs from Holland ~