Sunday, April 01, 2012

Piecing Work

I played with a couple of charm packs by Aneela Hoey i.e. Sherbert Pips and Little Apples for Moda.    Although I don't do cute, this is an exception.  Can't tell you why, but I've just got quite taken by her illustrations.  After the Little Apples pillow cover I embroidered, I've been hankering to embroider more of her illustrations.  I may include them into the quilt or I may not, we'll have to see ...

Charm packs with white muslin

 It's coming along ... quite a bit of piecing involved but straight forward.  I'm following a pattern found here.  Another similar pattern which I like is a free signature block on Craftsy.  It's Charleston 1850 quilt pattern by Jean Ann Wright.  If I make it it'll be way smaller and finished into a doll quilt.

Size:  64" x 53".  Blueberry Crumb Cake charm pack with Kona Natural
 I've got all the borders sewn for this Pinwheel quilt using a Blueberry Crumb Cake charm pack.  I can't link to the tutorial, unfortunately the author has deleted her blog.

 Here's a pincushion that I've been wanting to make for ages.  I finally got down to it, more because of the embarrassment of holding on to Jess' magazine for so long ...  It's from Australian Homespun The Go Green Issue.  The pattern is by Anni Downs. If I have the inclination I might perch Sue Spargo's bird on top of the sphere!  EPP for the hexagons were more fun than I thought.  There's some prep to do for sure but when you get to stitching the pieces together ... quite relaxing.  I read in a tutorial a while back that when stitching hexagons together, easier to do them in rows.

The stitchery was divine.  I am using DMC threads instead of the recommended over-dyed ones.  I intend to give the 2 stitchery pieces a tea bath to mottle the muslin.  I won't be doing the applique panels, it'll be replaced with plain wool instead.  More assembly pics as I progress.


  1. Anonymous2:53 pm

    LOVE your baby hexies.

  2. Those blocks look great altogether Barbara. Aren't those hexagons addictive? You have chosen lovely colours.

  3. More amazing stitching going on at your place!! I'm extra fond of that hexagon pin cushion!!

  4. You've been keeping yourself very busy I see there Barbara!!! I just love those hexies, aren't they wonderful to work with? Can't wait to see the completed pincushion!!

  5. the first shots of the album quilt top that you are working on are cute~! and i love them~! i also think that signature blocks using the charleston line of fabrics in a doll quilt size would be so-o nice~!!~
    i reallly like the shirting fabrics in that line.

    the pincushion looks pretty involved but i like the photo of the finished piece.
    i have a hexie project going and have found it to be quite relaxing to stitch as well. and the best part. someday, i'm actually going to finish it~!!~yes. someday.