Thursday, March 22, 2012

A study in HSTs

It was International Quilting Weekend last week so I thought I'd play with some blocks that I've been fancying lately.  In the midst of watching some great free quilting video tips from The Quilt Show,  I made a gazillion HSTs!

Tree of Life block.  8" finished.  Kona Natural with Kona Rich Red
 You will recall from my last post that I was on the lookout for a new red & white project since I've stopped the Just Takes 2 project ... so this is it.  I've been loving the Tree of Life block for some time now.  I've got some lovely Tree of Life quilts pinned too for inspiration.  But they all seemed quite large.  I found a Tree of Life instruction and there were options for an 8" or a 12" block.  So I chose the 8" and I think I like it.  There are 34 1" HSTs in there!  I am thinking that I might as well get started on my Jubillee Quilt.  Hopefully when I am 50 (in some years) it'll be all ready to be enjoyed. 

Feathered Star block.  15" finished.  Kona Natural with Kona Navy
Lucy from my Flickr group gave a link to a wonderful tutorial for the Feathered Star block.  And on Sunday I started cutting those HSTs.  There was a LOT of cutting. 32 HSTs here!  Instead of red & white I tried blue & white and I love it!  I want to add some embroidery to it ... we'll see.

Basket blocks.  4" finished.  Kona Natural with brown prints
And more HSTs for the lovely Temecula Blessing Baskets QAL.  Such a pleasure to work on these little weekly blocks and the leisurely pace sure helps.

I've morphed the dress (SIM 1914) to a blouse.  I suddenly had a practical wave and wondered when in the world would I wear a dress!  So I decided on a top instead.  A couture blouse if you will!  I've adjust the side seams, put in the back darts and the put out the princess seams, but I may have to fit it again to see if I need to tighten the princess seams a little more.  And then I'll move on to the next step of cutting the underlining and using the muslin as the pattern.

 The Lydia knit top worked really well for my sis.  Neckline, sleeve length and hem length was good.  So now when I sew knits for her I can use this pattern as a base.  Mine need to be a little larger.

Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire Schaeffer arrived last week from The Book Depository.  Loving some reading time.  The world of Haute Couture is an entirely different culture and techniques have not changed much over the decades.  And Cotton Friend from a local bookshop.  It's translated from Japanese to Mandarin, I can't read neither.  But as with most Japanese craft books the pictures are quite informative.  It's an old issue but it has quite a number of casual ensembles especially for linen and cotton ... my favourite.

 A very big bar of olive soap from Jess W's holiday to Istanbul.  I will imagine myself in a Turkish bath!  And butchered cashmere wool pieces from her old coat!  Great for a base for some wooly applique project methinks.


  1. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Gosh, that feathered star. Perfect. Does this meaan we now have to start calling you an "advanced" level quilter? ;-)

  2. Barbara, your Feathered Star turned out beautiful and I love the Kona navy with natural. Looks great. We have the same taste in projects. I am also working on a red and white tree of life, it's one of my UFOs and started the little quilt of baskets QAL. It's a nice break from the challenging blocks. Love your work!

  3. I am in awe of your feathered star..... Somewhere in the attic resides a quilt I started with a feathered star. Maybe I will find it one day and add that to my "to be finished" stack.....

    I still have not tackled the dress I purchased the fabric for last year......... Maybe soon........

  4. YOu are so diverse! I love it!! Your feathered star is so wonderful and blue and white is striking! Love your red tree blocks too! I think you chose well.
    The clothing is perfect! I bet it fits wonderfully when you are done.

  5. Your two coloured blocks are beautifully done. Your joins and points look perfect.
    Such beauty in the simplicity.
    There are lots of uses for hst triangles and you will be ready for all of them.
    Your sister's top looks fabulous.

  6. I've always loved the Tree of Life block too, and yours is spectacular as is the Feathered Star, neither of which I have made but love!!! So you are making a Jubilee Quilt? good for you Barbara, I think my Jubilee quilt should be my yet to be made DJ, all that fabric I had collected over years and carefully put into plastic baggies is just waiting for some attention, why oh why am I procrastinating so much.....
    Your dressmaking skills are developing well!

  7. those little blessings baskets are so very cute~!!~

    the tree of life, at the 8" block size, is going to be really amazing~!