Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sashing CW blocks

Finally I got my sashing for the CW blocks figured out.  I really like all those corner stones that other quilters have incorporated into their quilts.  There's a round of 1/2" cream sashing followed by 1 1/2" black.  The going is slow.  Some points had to be cut off because I didn't piece the block well.

I stumbled into a blog tutorial here which stretched one charm pack into a lap sized quilt.  I've always wondered if this could be done.  I've got 2 more borders to add still and I just got the binding too. I don't know if you have noticed the fabrics for the charm packs are thinner as compared to yardage of the same line.  I don't think I've had this issue previously.  Frankly sewing with thin fabrics can be quite fiddly and to make things worse some are cut off grain, not happy at all.

Blueberry Crumb Cake charm pack with Kona Natural

The Couture Dress is still in the muslin stage.  Long way to go methinks.  The rules change when sewing a dress.  The waist was too tight and so I dismantled the muslin and reconstructed it again but this time only working on the bodice.

And this is my first attempt at sewing knits.  Quite scarry but challenging at the same time.  I dropped two sizes because some of the reviews said that it was big but now it's too fitting for my liking.  I think it'll fit my sis better.
Lydia (Burda Style)
  I still need to mock serge the sleeve and hem.  Will have to use the twin needle to hem them, also my first time.  There's a good tutorial on sewing knits at Dixie DIY.

 Fabrics from Fabric Shack.  I needed to replenish my Kona Natural.  Also I have stopped on the Just Takes 2 QAL.  The paper piecing got to me eventually ... :(  But I still do want to start a bed sized quilt in red & white some time in the future.  And maybe a blue and white one too? :)  Part of the fun is finding the pattern.  I'll surely lean on the traditional blocks.  The black print on the top left is for the CW quilt, the Kona Amber Solid is for the BOM on Craftsy.
March Blocks - Foundation Piecing

Binwani's is shifting from Jalan TAR so they were having a good sale.  I bought some wool suiting.  Looks like some I need to dry clean and some can be hand washed.  So those for the dry-cleaners will be jackets, The Starlet Suit Jacket to be exact :)  The satin silk were very reasonable too.  So I bought some for linings.

Discounted woven cotton from Nagoya fabric store.  There's 4 pair of shorts there!

Got the Autumn and Winter design from 1-2-3 Stitch.  I had Summer for sometime now.  Since this is the Loose Feathers series, I better get them before their gone!


  1. your CW project is looking really nice~!
    once again you've got a post chocked full of sewing activites. you are quite a busy lady~!
    love that Kona Amber Solid (i see cheddar~!)and i'm wondering what the red is called . . . they look fabulous together.


  2. Love your sashing with two fabrics, the cream and black really set off your blocks. Your top is going to be gorgeous, good that you are working on your top. I have mine to work on yet. Also considering dropping out of JT2, for more than one reason. As you have many projects going. Love the cross stitch. Nice needlework

  3. Anonymous3:26 pm

    I believe you are what's known as a "triple threat." Quilter/ dressmaker/ cross-stitcher ;-) Foundation pieced blocks are fab.

  4. Lovely sashing idea for your CW blocks Barbara! I'm still pondering mine.....
    Your dressing making skills continue I see, I love the multi-coloured knit top, wonderful pattern on the fabric, I'm sure your sister will love it!!!
    Love your March Foundation-Pieced blocks, very nice!!!!

  5. It is always so nice to see everythign you are up to!!! I'm loving your CW setting and your newest lttle quilt.

  6. I think the sashing on your CW quilt will look fabulous. Lovely purchases especially those stitcheries. Your patience with your garment sewing is commendable.