Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mug Rug for Lillie

 This mug rug for Lillie caused me some anxiety.  As it took some time for Lillie to acknowledge receipt of it.  The cross-stitch pattern is again by Plum Street Samplers.  Stitched on 28ct evenweave with DMC threads.  I had a hard time stitching on this unknown piece of evenweave.  The weave was rather tight.  The lovely thing about it is that it had little pink flowers printed on it.  The stripes are from a honeybun by Sweetwater for Moda called Make Life.  Machine quilted with polyester batting.

I bought some fabrics for my sewing projects last Friday.  And the silk organza that I spoke off in my previous post.  They are now all washed and ready to be cut.  The seersucker fabric above are for shirts for four little boys and the right most for a dress for a little girl.  And then there's the cotton-linen blend that I got for myself.  Absolutely love these fabrics.  I like the texture and the hand of it, not to mention the comparatively lower cost as compared to 100% linen.  I have the patterns all ready for them.

This is Part 1 of the patterns, there is still Part 2 to print, stick and cut.  A lot of work I must admit but it sure beats paying for shipping.

The Burda 8218 blouse is completed.  Turned out really well.  The pockets were a little fiddly though because of the curved corners.  I intend to make another with the grey cotton-linen fabric above.  I think it'll look slightly more dressy when worn with a scarf.


  1. Anonymous7:16 pm

    I've always loved seersucker and your blouse looks wonderful. I love the style and it should be great with a scarf.

  2. That mug rug is so cute! I love it, but I'd be afraid I'd spill my drink on it!

  3. That is a lot of work for a mug-rug. But it sure looks great.....

    There is something crisp and cool about seersucker. Great fabric finds.

    Now on to that Burda blouse pattern.

    It looks great but just how much work are those pockets? I might have to break down and get that pattern. I will need to look for a capri pattern too. I knew that if I kept reading your blog you would draw me in.....

  4. What an adorable mugrug!! The xstitch is so cute!
    You have been so busy sewng and now lots of lovely projects lined up!

  5. You can definitely dress that little shirt up or wear it in a more casual manner. I bet it looks great on and is very comfortable to wear. Have you designed your label designl yet? Those mug rugs look like fun little projects but unfortunately there is no spare time around here.

  6. Very nice gift for Lillie!