Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Jess W!

 Jess is the mistress of all things prim.  Another of her phase that we all have to live with ... :)  I gathered some essential prim (dare I not?) items like crushed walnut shells, heavy muslin and a metal clamp make-do.  I also stitched a mug rug for her (my current craze).  The pineapple stitchery is a freebie design by Sue Allemand.  Being the cat lover that she is, I knew I had to get her this kitty card.  These are prints by a talented local artist Emila Yusof.

 Another mug rug but this time for Margaret W.  The cross stitch is a freebie design by Plum Street Samplers. I changed the chart a little with MW's DD as the elder and her DS as the baby!  Stitched on Lugana 28ct evenweave with DMC floss.  The fabric is from a honeybun called Make Life by Sweetwater for Moda. Sorry about the pictures being a little dark despite being rather sunny outside.  I think I need to tweak some manual settings and see how that goes.

 I bought this book without knowing that it wasn't REALLY couture.  The techniques really looked impressive and quite polished to my untrained eye.  Ann of Gorgeous Fabrics panned it just a few days after I got my copy :(  Nevertheless it's really useful to me and I don't think I want to aim for real couture sewing as such although it is always good to know what's out there (famous words by Mulder).  I would be happy with meticulously made RTW (Ready to Wear) garments. 

 This is the start of Burda 8218.  I chucked this fabric aside as it was too sheer almost like organza.  The fabric was Glace by Three Sisters for Moda.  My friends say I could use a spaghetti T or a lacy camisole inside the blouse ... we'll see.  I've cut another piece or white cotton fabric since, this time thicker.

 I tried Hong Kong seam for the shoulder seams using the discarded organza like fabric.  I think I better stock up on some satin bias tape or some viscose lining.  Sure would be prettier and more comfy.  And it saves a trip to the shop to serge it before attaching the collar.

 I used the couture dart method as described in the book.  I needed to sew 6 darts for this blouse.   I am also using that same organza fabric as the interface for my facings.  I have not got the silk organza that it widely used in replacement of interface.  I need to make a trip to the fabric stores to get some essentials soon. The instructions for the Burda 8218 leaves a lot to be desired and for a newbie like me it zapped all the little brain power I had.  It was a rather mentally exhausting weekend.  For a more finished front facing I used Sunni's tutorial, which is very clever.

 To soothe my tortured grey cells, I worked on Mary Glover, still some catching up to to.  I had to unpick 'FINISHED THIS MARCH' as I used the wrong colour floss :(  It's now corrected.  When it rain it pours?  That's how the weather has been here in KL for some days.  There's a mini storm every evening starting at 4 pm.  The lightning show is just above my roof!

 Some clowning around with the T block.  It's a 3" block, a little too small for my liking but I think I may make another 3 just to convert it into a potholder?  I saw this just the night before on Taryn's blog.  I used this instructions.  I am using Kona's Rich Red and a white muslin.


  1. Oi, this is not just a phase. We are talking serious dedication here, lol.
    Many thanks for all the treats, esp pineapple.

  2. You have matched your gifts to their recipients with thought and care. They are all lovely.
    I enjoy seeing your new garments and lament the fact that I have missed out on that skill. Believe me I have tried!
    Good to see that you are joining in the celebration of red and white.

  3. You have been busy Barbara! I love your little mug-rugs, I can attest to the fact they could be very addictive! Your dedication to dress-making reminds me of the years when I would add to my wardrobe on a weekly basis. I didn't use Burda much, but loved the Vogue designs. I have kept all my patterns.
    Your cross-stitch as always is beautiful!!!

  4. Such lucky friends to receive your lovely gifts.

    I'm sure you will soon have the same skills in garment making that you do in quilting and embroidery.

  5. oh my! So much goodness going on here. The mug rug and stitchery are fantastic! Sorry about the unpicking:(
    I love the r&w T block...3" yikes that is small!

  6. Those mug rugs are beautiful. It will surely provide me with inspirations for a mug rug exchange I have joined for later this year.

  7. What wonderful gifts you put together! Nice work on Mary, I just finished the over one part and have started on the rice stitch.

  8. What great gifts! Beautiful work on the garments, too. I need to catch up on Mary G, too, but am trying to finish up Anniversaries of the Heart. Love the quilt blocks!

  9. I just love your mug rugs and am sure they will be treasured gifts. The T blocks are adorable and your MG sampler is coming along nicely. You make me think twice since I used to sew my own clothes but stopped. I just do not have the time to quilt, stitch, read and crochet as it is. Wish we had a few extra hours in the day...

    Hugs from Holland ~