Sunday, May 08, 2011

It's my birthday ...

yesterday actually ...

 My birthday loot from Jess W!  I just love The Sampler Girl's Northanger Abbey!  In fact I've bought the pattern ages ago and never got to stitching it (familiar?).  The interesting thing about her gift as you might have noticed, it is not finished!!!  She said and I quote 'interactive gift'.  Gosh ... I think that must be a first on this planet!  And she has even provided fabric for a suggested finish.  Can you imagine that? ... the nerve ...  In her defense, the lame excuse of her sewing machine having broken down.

All in good fun I assure you.  But being the rebel that I am ... I am hitting for a small quilted wall hanging instead of the suggested small cushion.  And the included fabric and shirting will surely come in handy.  Also the very elegant antiqued monogrammed label.  Need to put on my designer hat ... ahem ...

And then there's June T's gifts.  For those who are unfamiliar with the fabrics, they are by the one and only Ms Yoko Saito for Lecien.  Her fabric trademark are dark, somber, taupe pallete of colours.  But therein lies it's beauty.  A small quilt with these fabric as borders would look super or maybe even a patchwork bag with some applique?  Now that I have some flower templates and the bag handle that June has conveniently included :)

Yes, I think  a bag is in the horizon with these lovely fabrics, after all there's a bag challenge due end of June!

 I'm back to a little piecing with a darling quilt by Cheri Payne.  It's her January free quilt pattern.  Cheri's one generous soul with a giveaway small quilt AND a free pattern every month. I've got 24 cross blocks done and another 15 to go.


  1. Anonymous2:48 pm

    C'mon, admit it, "interactive gift" is pure genius! Keen to see what what style of wall hanging you'll knock up.

  2. Happy Birthday Barbara!!!! Your gifts are lovely, and I love the 'interactive gift', what an amazing idea, that way it is a combined effort!!!
    I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't get to start projects, I'm itching to start my little x-stitch, but life is bigger and elbows my creativity out of the way!!! Tich!! Tich!!
    Hope you had a great day!!!

  3. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Such beautiful, unique gifts. Happy birthday.

  4. Have a GLORIOUS birthday.

  5. Belated birthday wishes Barbara. Looks like you were showered with lovely gifts, including an "interactive" one. That was very thoughtful. Those Lecien fabrics are very beautiful, I am not familiar with that designer. I have to move out of the 1800's but I am in good company there. Have a great year!

  6. Happy belated birthday! I'm a May bday girl too!!
    I love your gifts adn the idea you finish it!!

  7. Hi BJ! I did not know that your blog is up and running again! So nice to see so many lovely things that you have made! Just love to see all those blouses! Wah! Someone can sew blouses now! I am impressed! Tabik spring gitu!

    I'll be coming back often to check on what next you are working on. Take care, hugs, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  8. Belated happy birthday! Great gifts you received.