Thursday, February 17, 2011

Move over Mary Wigham

 I had every intention to start on Mary Wigham until I read on Siobhan's blog (Thanks again Siobhan) that Emmanuelle was conducting a SAL on Mary Glover.  I could not resist.  So Mary Wigham has to wait for just a while longer.  I believe you can still register to partake in the SAL if you leave a comment on this post.

 Since there will be 1 over 1 stitching in a later section of the band, I thought I'd better go with 28ct Sand Cashel.  You know the old eyes.  I'm using DMC floss.  I am thinking of tea-dyeing the fabric after all the stitching is done. I think it'll make it look pretty old.  I'm trying to completed Part 2 this week.

CC & C to date.  A little slow for obvious reasons.

 On Monday, I bought a beginner fife in C.  It's like a flute but with a shriller tone.  It was displayed in the music shop window.  I used to play the recorder in school and thought a fife which has a different method of blowing would be more challenging.  Initially I couldn't even get a tone!  It was all air ... sigh ... I thought my lungs would collapse from all that blowing.  YouTube came to the rescue and I learnt how to blow with my embouchure on the lip plate etc.  I'm only now learning the fingering and notes slowly.  I'd like to play some Irish reels when I get better.  As my piano teacher used to scream at me ... practice practice practice!  I wonder if Jane Austen played the fife? Hmmm ....


  1. What an interesting instrument, I have never heard of them before!!
    Your x-stitch looks just lovely, I am looking forward to fumbling into my first effort. Thanks for the links to the other two blogs, I need all the x-stitch exposure I can get LOL!!!

  2. I'm glad to see your progress on Mary! Isn't it a fun sampler?! I like Emmanuelle's posts about her, too. Your CC&C quilt is GORGEOUS!! You really do have a knack for picking out great fabric combos.

    Good luck with the tin whistle, as it's called here. (I assume it's the same instrument!) My kids had to buy a tin whistle in primary school and learn how to use it. I wish they'd stuck with it.

  3. You are a woman of many talents Barbara. I am amazed that you can fit so many interests into 24 hours.

  4. Your CC&C is coming along nicely. Your Cross stitch is encouraging me to work on a piece too but there are so many things that need to be done.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. What a lovely sampler! You are making so much progress with CC&C. It's looking terrific.
    How fun to learn something new like the fife! Good luck!

  6. I bet Mary W will wait, she being such a patient little girl hihi!! Oh boy, 1 over 1, pfff, the tea-dyeying sounds great, will do the trick! Love CC & C! And as for the fife: practice makes .... right!! Have fun!! hugs, Daniëlle

  7. oh my gosh I just love this mug rug!
    tooooo adorable, I am impressed.
    your cross stitching is beautiful...something I need to tackle one of these days.