Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fancy Mug Rug

This was so fun and cute to make.  I've been warned not to spill tea on it! :) Slightly big at 6 1/2" x 10".  Gearing up for another, this time with selvedges. 

Lori's CC & C is coming along.  Slow and steadily.

While cutting 1 1/2" strips for the CC & C, I'm cutting extra for Kathie's Courthouse blocks.  A table topper will look good I think.

Mary Wigham by Needleprint.  Fabric: Tea-dyed 36ct Edinburgh Linen  Floss: DMC (as charted)
A long time WIP.  I am resurrecting it after being inspired by Lillie's progress.  I've completed 3 Parts out of 9.  Hope to complete it by year's end.


  1. You will be starting a lovely collection of mug rugs, but please don't use Jane, it's too pretty. You don't want to tea stain her.
    The stitchery is just gorgeous and your courthouse steps will keep you busy.

  2. Anonymous6:04 pm

    An interesting and busy workspace.

  3. Love how fruitful your year has started!! All lovely finishes (needless to say) so far .Mine's sprouting seeds....LOL. But a pact has been made and WE intend to keep to it, don't we, Mrs Willock?

  4. Anonymous7:41 pm

    That has to be the nicest mug rug I've ever seen.

  5. LOVE that mug rug~! and your CC and C is coming along beautifully~!!!~


  6. Your Mug Rug is delightful. What a lovely thing to brighten your day.

    I am enjoying your progress in the CC&C quilt......

    The Small Quilt Challenge also turned out well.

    You are quite the busy stitcher.

    Want to trade for some cookies? VBG

  7. Love you little mugrug looks great, it'll be great in selvedges as well!! Your x-stitch is just lovely, can you see me drooling LOL!!!

  8. Oh my goodness! What a fancy mug rug, indeed. Great job! I love your quilty WIPs, and Mary Wigham is FABULOUS!