Sunday, November 21, 2010

Soot & Ashes - Quilt Top

I wasn't too inclined to get the vines, leaves and the berries applique done.  Applique and me just don't jive ... for now at least :) Never say never?

The scrappy binding is also done more because I would like to put away the fabrics used.

A skirt in the designing process.  I wanted to make the A Plus A Line skirt by Twinkle's Wenlan Chia.  But I gathered there were too many sizing issues and I needed to print 50 pages of pattern.  Just ridiculous in my opinion.  So I'm using a pattern that I drafted myself a few months ago for a basic A Line skirt that was quite successful if I am allowed to boast and re draft it for Wenlan's skirt.  We'll see how that goes.

The Ellen pants this time around is a success!!  It's true what they say about perseverance. Although I could work more with the fit but it's good enough for me.  The pants fabric is cotton drill, nice to work with.  I'm using a different cotton fabric for the fly shield and pockets, it just reeks individuality!  I need to top stitch the waistband down and get on with the button hole and button and I'm done.  Oooh ... nothing come close to conquering a challenge!

The Underground Railroad doll quilt is pieced, it now requires an inner and outer border.
Need to think on how I would like to finish this piece by Primitive Bettys. Most likely a SIMPLE pillow! :)


  1. Your Soot and Ashes is adorable!! I love a scrappy binding too!!
    Your little quilt is so charming. What is it about these that I cannot get enough?!
    Great X stitch!!

  2. Wow! you've been busy and very, very productive.

    Look like you are enjoying every minute of sewing your own clothing ;P

  3. No, Barbara, never say never. Persevere with the applique because it will finish the quilt off beautifully. Simplify it a bit? I love the colours in the Underground Railroad doll quilt. Well done with the pants too.

  4. Great idea to individualize your pants with the facing fabrics.

    I am trying to resist the urge to start that quick Simplify cross stitch. It is really speaking my name..........Loudly............

    Your Soot and Ashes came out well. I really like the applique in the bottom border........Just enough...Any more would have been too much.

  5. Your S & A is super! As it happens that simple little cross stitch pattern is next in line waiting on my desk hihi!! Maybe I will glue it onto a box, never enough boxes to put in a new project! happy sewing!

  6. You've been very productive! Your sewing is beautiful, as is the stitching! Your quilts are just gorgeous.

  7. Love your Soot and Ashes quilt. And your little quilts is wonderful. I love little quilts.