Sunday, November 07, 2010

Ellen Pants

Since I wear pants mostly when I work, I wanted to try to sew me a pair of pants.  So I started out with a free pattern from Burda ... you know I am cheap.  And I bought 1.5M (60" width) of Tetron synthetic fabric (June helped me figure out the fabric).  I think it's a low quality fabric with lots of fray and great price for trying out ... a muslin if you will.

Since there were some comments saying that the pattern ran large, I took one step down from my normal size.  Big mistake :(

This might sound like sour grapes but my objective was to grasp the pants sewing process and the instructions being beginner unfriendly did not help.  So from the onset I approached it as a lesson.

I ignored the belt loops, pockets and ironing the seam allowances apart.  It frayed badly and I think my room needs a good vacuuming.  But I get it now.  And I will go for a larger size and I will know where to take in or put out the next time I try this pattern for my less than ideal figure :p 

 The Soot and Ashes block are now auditioned for comments from Jess on how I will go about adding applique and laying out the quilt.  Cheri's come up with a fabulous finished quilt and if I can only manage half of the applique I'll be happy as a pea.

One of my lunches last week.

Got an 8' run dowel where the shopkeeper kindly cut for me the lengths I require.  I sand papered them slightly and now their hanging my quilts in my room!

I really loved this design (freebie) by Betty Dekat of Primitive Bettys.  It says so much especially with the impending crazy Christmas season!  I've changed my mind re the white linen.  Hah ... talk about simplifying :)


  1. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Fabulous, lots of interesting things to see.

  2. You must have a lot of patience Barbara, the way you approach your sewing. Well done for attempting the pants. I am sure that your efforts will be rewarded with a lovely pair next time. Those blocks will come together nicely, you wait and see. I did look at Cheri's finished quilt and it does look lovely. Use your own advice - simplify if the task seems too daunting. Good luck.
    PS what time is lunch? I could drop in on the way home in about 2 weeks. Paris is wet but always pretty.

  3. I admire you for trying that pattern. I looked at it and it has too many pieces for me. I avoid belt loops and pockets whenever possible.

    Thanks for the link to Simplify.. Just one more thing to add to my Want to Do list.